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DIY photobooth question

We are on a tight budget for our upcoming wedding. I have attended a couple recently and have had a lot of fun with the photo booth. I found a well reviewed program called Sparkbooth. This program allows participants to enter their email after their shoot to have the images emailed to them. The venue has wi-fi I can connect to. Would it be in poor taste to have the guests enter their emails to get their pictures. I could save over $100 not having to buy a photo printer, paper, and ink. I would love feedback about this. Thank you.

Re: DIY photobooth question

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    thank you for the input. i was worried it may come across super cheap or something. i thought along the same lines, that most people will be happy with pictures they can upload.
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    We are doing our own photobooth as well. FBIL has a program (not sure the name) that will be hooked up to his camera through the computer then he is going to make a facebook page and post all of the photos on there. That way people won't be wasting time to enter in their email address. Especially if people go in there multiple times.
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    Email would rock for me... I usually lose the pics by the end of the night anyway!
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    I think it depends on the wedding. I don't feel something like this would be good at a black tie affair, but if it's a more casual affair, I think it's alright.

    Me personally though, I wouldn't be interested in something like this. I prefer to take my own photos as a wedding guest... but that's just me.
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    In Response to Re: DIY photobooth question:
    You could always use a photo-sharing app like PhotoOpp Bride or any of the others out there where you use a iphone or android phone and all the pics get sent to the app and to an online album.  That way it doesn't matter if the guests use their own phones or you have someone taking the pics, everyone will get to see and share every photo all day.
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