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Tacky with a capital T

So a while back I posted about a wedding for friends of dh's friends that were having an at home wedding without providing seating for 80% of their guest, so already not a great start to things.  Then I got an invite to their engagement party, with registry inserts.  

Today I received their invitation addressed to Mr. & Mrs. whatever...ok I get it, I know the rules, sweet b is not letters larger than any other font on the invite is ADULT ONLY RECEPTION TO FOLLOW!

Also included with the invite, 3 registry inserts.  Seriously??? 

So now DH thinks I am nuts for being irritated with this.  He doesn't see ./ understand why it is rude...I know there is nothing to do, I just really needed to let in out...Happy Saturday all!
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Re: Tacky with a capital T

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    Technically their parents were the ones hosting the engagement party, I really do not want to go, but obviously it's up to Dh as they are his friends not mine.
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    Yeah I wouldn't go either unless it was a family member and it would cause major waves for us to not show up.

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    Meh, maybe there will be free booze? 
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    In Response to Re:Tacky with a capital T:[QUOTE]Meh, maybe there will be free booze?nbsp; Posted by emeejeeayen[/QUOTE]
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    Some guys honestly don't get etiquette and they don't understand why it's a big deal.

    They're also ones who think that appliances that you *need* are thoughtful gifts vs ones you may want.  

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