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Thank you Screw Up

Hey y'all,

I have a TY mess up I made and i have never seen this question asked before. My friend's sistersinlaws gave us a wedding gift back in September. It was a drink dispenser that was on our registry. I wrote a heartfelt thank you note in late September.

Well we never took the dispenser out of the box. It's pretty big. We used the dispenser for the first time yesterday, we hosted Easter lunch at our home and were setting up after church.There were more gifts in the dispenser! Monogrammed bath towels and a cute apron. I now feel awful because we didn't mention these things in the TY note. Should I write the sisters each a second thank you note? I'm thinking I should but I wanted to see what y'all would say first. I feel like a dumbo

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    I would give them a call and let them know - I'm sure they would love to hear how your gift was used over the Easter weekend!
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    Happened to me as well. There was a cookbook inside the box with our crock pot. I just called my friend who gave it to us and told her I hadn't yet used the crock pot and so hadn't known it was in there. She completely understood. 
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    Yup yup, write another thank you or call them.
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    I would just give them a call and let them know you had no idea of the other presents until you opened the box to use the dispenser this past weekend.

    Oversights happen to everyone, but a quick phone call with fix everything.

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    I agree with the phone call. "We were so excited to use the dispenser when we hosted Easter and when we went to use it, I noticed there were other gifts in side. I'm so sorry I did not see them before." Then mention the specific gifts and thank them for it. I am sure they'll understand.

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    Thanks ladies! I will call them tonight
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