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Invitations and Cousins

I am so fustrated with FI right now... we are right at the 5-6 week mark and I was trying to get the invitations out last week but alas FI just now finished giving me addresses and my family was driving me up a wall.

So between FI being an epic procrastinator and a royal pain in my butt... I have cousins that are in the middle of building houses.

So usually, my family just sends invitations to my aunt/uncle and put "kids" on the invite. We are having no children at the wedding so I dont want to do that.

Is it super tacky that the cousins that are in the middle of moving I put an extra RSVP postcard with a sticky note for them to send me their new address with their RSVP.

What's done is done and I have run out of time and I am mentally exhausted of Facebook messaging, texting, emailing, and calling them for their addresses. (My family are procrastinators too and get distracted easily.)
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Re: Invitations and Cousins

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    If they're living at the new house when they rsvp the new address will probably be included as the return address on the envelope. If not, you shouldn't need their new address for another 6weeks when thank you note time comes; and by then you won't be so burnt out on getting addresses. Also, I don't understand what your fi's procrastination has to do with this. It sounds like you're mailing it to an old address regardless and they'd be moving even if you sent them out two weeks ago... ETA: meaning you can ask them for the new address in 6ish weeks; when they're actually settled in the new house if they ddon't communicate the address to you some other way
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    Because he just literally sent me 25 addresses of "important" people that need invites. That would be 75% of the root of my fustration. I have people calling me and blowing me up for their invites BUT won't give me their addresses.

    As far as my cousins, I sent their invites to my Uncles/Aunts with stickies on their RSVP cards telling me to give me their addresses. If they don't, their crap will continue to go to my Aunts and Uncles I am done fighting with everyone to get their invites out.

    So, no they are not going to their "old" or "new" addresses, they went to their parents house with a sticky so I can update the family address book for my Grandmother.

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