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NER/NWR - Ordering Liquor Online

I've ordered wine online, so I know it can be done (that was a situation where I was a little drunk, woke up the next day and realized I had joined a wine club, and said "hey, drunk self, that was a great idea" and let it ride).

I'm looking for flavors of vodka to make jello shots. I can't get the fancy flavors anywhere around here. I'm looking for something LIKE the following:

cake (PInacle makes one)
apple and cherry (Smirnoff and Three Olives make one)
cookie dough (Three Olives makes one)

Any ideas on where to order? The few places that came up for me in searches let me get all the way through and THEN tell me pick-up only (even after saying they will ship to WV as long as someone is there to sign).

Re: NER/NWR - Ordering Liquor Online

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    I don't have ideas, but the cake flavor from Three Olives is better than from Pinnacle. Obv Pinnacle Whipped Cream rules the roost, though (that's a saying, right? I didn't just make that up? Rules the roost? Sigh).

    Does BevMo go to WV?
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    Did you try

    Otherwise, maybe ask a local liquor store if they have any ideas?  They can't order things for you, I'm assuming?

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    A quick search on the internet came up for me that shipping alcohol to W.V is prohibited.
    Laws change, so while you may have been able to do it at one time, it may not be available anymore...or it may be okay for wine and not hard liquor. It varies by state.

    I used to be able to ship wine from CA to family in different parts of the country, but can only ship to some of them now.
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    Have you tried asking at the liquor store if they could special-order them for you? More of a pain than ordering for yourself, but if no one will ship to you...
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    Hmmm, good idea. 

    FI works in Pittsburgh, so he's going to check a liquor store there to see if they have the flavors I'm looking for (or, I'll check after the marathon when we're in town). If we can't find it there, then I'll come back and ask an area liquor store. My guess is no, because people around these parts aren't very friendly, but I can try. :)
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    Alcohol is a mess, inter-state commerce wise.  Some states restrict shipping out of state, some states restrict shipping to certain states, and some states restrict anybody shipping to them at all.

    Some of these laws are leftover from Prohibition, but most of them are actually states being trifling about trying to get the lion's share of tax money for alcohol sales (keeping sales in state).

    The one exception to these laws?  Wine clubs.  I have no idea why, though I suspect lobbyists.

    If you want to buy hard liquor, with your particular state laws, you will need to look for boutique distilleries in-state.  A quick google search yeilded a wealth of sites for me!  One in particular, Smooth Ambler Spirits, seems to be the biggest seller.
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