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Inviting guests to my shower

Do I invite the hosts of one bridal shower to my other shower?

Re: Inviting guests to my shower

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    I know you posted to the etiquette board, expecting an etiquette answer. However, I don't know if this is against ettiquette or not.

    My cousin is hosting a shower for me, and my bridesmaids are hosting a separate shower as well. I would have invited said cousin to the shower the bridesmaids were going, whether or not she threw me a shower, so I invited my cousin. As for the bridesmaids, they were invited to both since they were apart of the wedding party.

    I figured it was up to them to decide whether or not they would attend.

    Hope that helps.
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    This really depens on who the hosts are and if they would like to invite the other host (you don't invite anyone, maybe just give a list of non-overlapping guests to each one).

    This also depends on their relationship to one another.

    Guests that should be invited to both: Definitely mothers of B&G and Bridal Party. It would be nice to also invite the grandmothers of B&G and any really close Aunts.

    Try not to overlap too many guests because to go to two showers for the same person is kinda stinky.

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    I would say no.  The host of the first shower has already gifted you and attended a shower. Now if it one of the mom's or someone in the BP, they are usually invited to all showers but they should not be expected to give more than one gift.
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