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I am in the process of creating my wedding day of timeline and I need help!  Does anyone have a sample wedding day of timeline?

Our wedding is at 7:00pm.  I do not want my hair and makeup done and be in my dress for hours pre-ceremony.  I am thinking of making the groom's party take their photo's before the bridal party so the time between being dressed and the ceremony is shorter for me.  We are doing groom's party photo's, bridal party photo's, and possibly first-look photo's. 


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    This was ours:

    10am - Pick up flowers and decorate church (there wasn't much to do--just putting some flowers at the front).
    11am - Start hair and makeup. (My sister did my hair and I did my own makeup). 
    12pm - Lunch
    12:30pm - Photographer arrives at my parents' house for getting ready pics.
    2:00pm - Groom, groom's family, and groom's attendants arrive at church. Photographer goes to church to take some pics of them before the ceremony
    2:40pm - Bride and brides's family head to the church. (Only 5 min from my parents' house).
    3:00pm - Ceremony

    We did family pics and BP pics right after the ceremony, during the cocktail hour, and then had pics of just me and H taken after our reception.
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    The below, in bold, is what we put together for our photographers. & florist...

    Wedding Make-up Artist will probably do my make-up and my FMIL (my gift to her) from 1:00-2:40ish.  I will get dressed in wedding attire 2:40-3:30ish.  Wedding Hair (not sure yet) probably 11:00-12:45ish. We're having a Wedding Party Brunch at about 9:30-10:30 that am, my fiance and I are treating- our WP is our siblings and their SO. <<<none of this is solid, whereas the below is pretty much a done deal.

    3:30  Arrive at Hotel, Photographer #1 & 2- 
    Equipment Check/Set-up for Family Shots (lighting?)

    3:30 Florist Brings Corsages, Bout.s, Bouquet for Pictures

    3:40-5:00 Photographer #1 & 2-  
    Hotel Room/s for Bride & Groom - Details/Family Shots

    5:00 First Look Image

    5:00-5:30 Photographer #1 -                        
    Hotel Lobby -  Wedding Party/Family Shots

    5:00-5:30 Photographer #2 –                       
    COMMUTE TO WEDDING VENUE - Event Detail Shots

    5:30-5:45 Wedding Party /Photographer #1-               
    COMMUTE TO WEDDING VENUE – Bentley - wedding party, parents, b & g

    6:05-6:40 Photographer #1/#2 - 
    Ceremony at Wedding Venue

    Ceremony - 6 - 6:45

    6:40-7:00 Photographer #1/2-                     
    followed by
    (aunts, uncles, cousins, parents, siblings) 
    - Garden/ Cocktail Hour

    7:00-7:30 Photographer #1 -                        
    B & G couples' only romantic 
    PHOTO SHOOT "Wedding Oasis" (CLASSIC CAR - Harborside) 

    7:00-7:30 Photographer #2-                         
    Cocktail Hour, Guests Eating/Drinking

    7:45 Photographer #1/2-                              
    Cocktail Hour/ (Bride Changes Dress?) – Grand Entry

    8:00-9:00 P #1/ P #2-                                      
    Toasts, Dinner

    9:00-9:15 P #1/ P #2-                                      
    B & G
    Visit with Guests to Thank Them for Coming

    9:15-9:45 P #1/ P #2 -                                     
    Ice Cream Buffet, Cake Cutting, Dessert Eaten

    9:15     during Ice Cream Buffet
    (in a different room) ballroom has....                                                                  
    Lighting Change/
    Tables Moved Back for Dancing/
    Buffet Tables Removed

    First Dance

    9:45-10:55 P #1/ P #2-                                    
    (we are not doing ‘father daughter’ or ‘mother son’ dances)

    11:00  P #1, P #2-                                              
    B & G
    Depart Reception –
    SPARKLERS on Sidewalk

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    sorry for the formatting on that.  The Knot seems to have rearranged my spacing. 
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    You can make a timeline for the sake of organization, but leave yourself extra time between each step. Not every vendor is going to arrvive exactly on time, there is always some sort of delay on the day of. Try not to stress too much about everything being 'to the minute'
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