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NWR: Birthday Party for H

So H turns 30 this July.  I've been kicking around the idea of throwing a party for him.  He loves BBQ, so I want to just have a simple backyard BBQ for him.  Here is my question:  Would it be in bad form to send invites for his birthday and have the party at his own house?  All guests will be properly hosted and all that.  I would try to actually make it a surprise party, where he only knows we are having a BBQ, but then the guests show up and its a surprise party for him.

I also don't want it to be a gift giving occasion, just him surrounded by friends and family.  So would an invite saying "You're invited to a BBQ in honor of H's 30th Birthday!  Please come celebrate with us!", make it sound less like a gift giving occasion?

This is also a P&R, but I'll check back later and answer any questions for clarification purposes.  Thanks!

Re: NWR: Birthday Party for H

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    It's totally fine for you to host a b-day party for your H. It is your house too, no?  Even if it weren't it's okay.  As long as your H isn't the one inviting them you're fine.  I think that wording sounds good.  Some will still bring gifts but some (his parents maybe, or close friends?) would have anyway.
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    I think that sounds great!
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    Thanks ladies!  And yes, it's my house too!  Technically, it was my house first and he moved in!
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    Yeah that sounds good. I've hosted parties for people where they live. I threw my ex a heck of a surprise party. He had no idea.

    I wouldn't worry about presents. For all the parties that I've hosted or that people have had for me that are for adults....some people will bring presents, most wont. The presents that people bring are mostly going to be joke gifts for milestone bdays, beer, wine,...etc..

    For my 30th bday party I got 3 bottles of wine, a hand picked selection of specialty beers to try, and a Pandora charm for my bracelet.
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