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Plus one with a dance

I was informed by a relative today that not adding a plus one to a guests invite is very rude if there is going to be a dance because that person will not have anyone to dance with. I hadn't seen that one on this board so was pretty sure that was not the way it worked. I let her know that we invited our friends and family and their SO but if this guest would like to bring a date that would be fine with us and could add the name to the RSVP.
This was only ok because we have had some no responses so we know we are not over our budget/space restriction.
What should I have said if we were maxed out space wise for the venue ?

Re: Plus one with a dance

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    Your relative is wrong.  Dancing does not require every person to have a plus one.  If the space doesn't allow for it, then I might ask your relative if she's planning to pay for a larger space.
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    If Ryan can do it, it's cool.

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    Thanks that is what I thought based on carefully reading the posts on this site.  
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    Agree with others, but as someone who has gone to plenty of weddings single and without a plus one, it can be a crummy experience.  For example, the last wedding I went to single I had friends that were also at this wedding, but they were in relationships and I felt like a fifth wheel tagging along with all the couples.  There were also no single men that I was attracted to at the wedding, so, double bummer.  However I've been to other weddings where my friends were also single and we had a great time.  For my wedding there are only a couple girls who are truly single, but, there will be no single men at our wedding, so I am giving them a plus one option because we have the space and budget
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