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Possibly stupid question

I just had my bridal shower yesterday. All three of the shower hostesses got me shower gifts in addition to hosting the shower for me. I am currently working on writing thank you notes. I know I need to write a thank you note to each of the hostesses to thank them for the shower as well as for each gift received. My question is, do I write 2 separate thank you notes to each hostess, meaning one for hosting and one for the gift. Or is it ok to write one thank you note to each person thanking them for hosting and for the gift in the same note?
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Re: Possibly stupid question

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    I would just do one for each lady. 
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    One note and cover both subjects.
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    One note both subjects should be sufficient.  I sent my shower hostesses flowers with a card thanking them for hosting and then sent a written thank you note for any gift given.  
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    I did the same as loopy - there was a brief TY note with the TY gift for hosting and then a traditional note for any gifts received.
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    One note to each hostess covering both topics is what I would do.
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