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Outside Vendor fee @ Caesars

Has anyone ever paid or know about the outside vendor fee at Caesars. I know they have a 350.00 fee but is it per Vendor? I'm thinking of bringing in my own photographer and fllorist but I'm unsure if its going to cost 350 or 700 to swap out both vendors...anyone know how this works? I've emailed my wedding coordinator but haven't gotten an answer yet.

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Re: Outside Vendor fee @ Caesars

  • I know over at the Flamingo it is per vendor. Most likely its the same at Caesars.
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  • To be safe, I would call them to confirm. However, I think Valerie is correct. If they are like their sister properties, the Flamingo and the Quad, they charge the outside vendor fee per vendor. My ceremony is at the Quad and am paying $150 for an outside photographer. I had thought about my own flowers at one time, and I would have had to pay $150 for that as well. $350 is quite a bit for an outside fee!
  • Oh wow $350 per outside vendor is a LOT! I can understand paying that for your own photographer but seriously surely you can get your flowers through them (unless you are TOTALLY sold on your own florist) because $700 in just fees is incredible.

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  • I'm getting married at Ceasar's and it is $350 per vendor.  I wanted to get my owbn phtographer and flowers but $700 was just way to muchy so I decided to bring in my own phtographer and keep the flowers at Ceasar's.  Its amazing they nickel and dime you for everything,!! If you want to bring your own music in its $150.
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