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Hussong's Cantina HELP!!

Hi Ladies and Gents!

Some help would be great! My fiancé and I didn't want a traditional reception so we are opting to have an after wedding dinner instead. I curious if anyone has ate at Hussong's Cantina at Mandalay Bay? Their prices are very reasonable and the coordinator, Natalie, is awesome with answering my questions and getting back to me in a timely manner.

I am just worried since I don't hear anything of them on this board.

Also, we are getting married at Caesars and I am asking our guests to travel to Hussong's at Mandalay Bay. Is this too much of an ask for our guests? Want to make sure everyone shows up since we aren't paying for transportation.

Thank for the help!

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Re: Hussong's Cantina HELP!!

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    I can help! We are getting married at MB and also having our wedding dinner reception at Hussong's! We love it there. The food is really good (the carne asada plate is our favorite) and the rock n' roll mariachi's are great too!
  • I've only heard good things about Hussongs although I haven't eaten there.  I'm not providing transportation to my guests and the dinner is 1/2 mile away.  I think it'll be ok.  I would've loved to offer it but it just wasn't in the budget.  There are some reasonable options though if you are able to make it work.  Regardless, I personally, don't think it's too much to ask that they get tot the dinner on their own :)
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  • Thanks so much, this makes me feel a little better! Fablove, when is your wedding date? I will be excited to see pictures and hear how everything turns out :) Mine is June 14th.
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    [QUOTE]Thanks so much, this makes me feel a little better! Fablove, when is your wedding date? I will be excited to see pictures and hear how everything turns out :) Mine is June 14th.
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    Mine is May 26th :) I'll definately share pics! I also like that they let you bring in outside vendors for your wedding cake or cupcakes. They will be setting up a small table for Sin City Cupcakes to set-up on, so I'm excited! We also chose the $25 pp menu and added an additonal appetizer for $2.00 pp extra. That menu has the carne asada plate which was what we wanted :)
  • Cant wait! I didn't know that about the cake! Thanks Fablove! :))
  • Hussong's is awesome; great strong drinks and great food.  Here's my review:

    How many guests are you going to have?  it's easily a $15 cab ride each way (with tip) to go from caesars to the mandalay mall so if you have a bunch of guests it would probably be good to arrange transporatation.

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    Thanks VG, we are having about 60 guests! We thought we were going to have enough money in our budget for transportation but we ran out of $$. It may not be the best option, but we will have to ask our guests to travel to Hussong's via cab.
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    Hussong's has good food and seems like a good party place. It is in the mall "Mandalay Shops" part of Mandalay Bay on the way to Luxor not the Mandalay Restaurants in the actual casino, just so you are aware and guests don't go down the wrong way.
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  • Thanks Starlight! :)
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