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Reviews for 3/23/13 - long post

First off, I have to say that our wedding day was seriously perfect. Nothing went wrong and everything went together like clock work. I honestly couldn't have planned it without all the help from this board. Thank you all for being so helpful and always listening.

Flamingo: B
I worked with Jennifer Coop who works for Caesar's in their Total Experience department. Jennifer was amazing and if I could rate her alone, I'd give her an A+. However, because Flamingo is owned by Caesar's, I feel like it has to be rated altogether. When I set up the block of rooms, I inquired about booking a Go Mini Suite for my husband and I. Jennifer kept telling me to wait until get got there, that she could almost promise me that I would be able to get a Go Mini, and more then likely they would upgrade me for free. I had second thoughts about doing this, but I figured she knew what she was talking about, so we went with it. We arrived at the Flamingo on Wednesday evening and the check in line was forever long with 3 people working at the counter. We probably had to wait about 45 minutes, but we kind of were expecting it. We got to the counter and ask for an upgrade to a Go Mini Suite, they say no problem, get checked in and everything is great...until we got to the room. It was NOT a Go Mini Suite, it was away from our block of rooms, in fact, I'm sure it was the LAST room in the whole hotel. I called down to the front desk and because I didn't originally reserve it (per Jennifer) and because we had already been moved out of our original room for our "free upgrade," they could not do anything for me. They weren't even willing to help me at this point. Last time I talked to Jennifer, she gave me her personal number, so I called her, told her the problem and she got it fixed in no time. I got the Go Mini Suite that I wanted, we didn't get charged for the upgrade and apparently they had to move a whole bunch of guests around. The front desk was extremely rude to me when I talked to them, it just rubbed me wrong. Besides that, the hotel was nice, the room was clean and spacious and the maids were very nice. I was disappointed that some of our guests were not in the same block, not even close together, but we made it work. We choose the Flamingo because of it's location, I'm not sure if I'll stay there again or not, but it is a good location.

*side note: The chapel at the Flamingo is amazing. The pictures online do not do this place justice. It is down right beautiful. I would have considered having our wedding there if I knew how pretty is was in person. However, I do not regret having our wedding at Chapel of the Flowers.

Harmony Medina: A+
Seriously, I love Harmony. Everything that everyone says about her is so true. She's easy to work with, comfortable to talk to and is amazing at what she does. I felt like she was a friend when she left my room on Saturday. We had a trial run on Thursday, she looked at the picture of what I wanted and got right to work. When we were done, she took my hair down, made it all cute so we could go out. She showed up on Saturday and got right to work. Overall, she did my hair and make up, 3 bridesmaids hair, 2 bridesmaids make up and 2 flower-girls.

Bently & Wilson Photography: A+
You all have said it and read it. This man is a god sent! So easy to work with, he's willing to do any shot you want and I'm pretty sure he walked into the room taking pictures. He was right on time and ended up staying late. When we left for the chapel he told me he'd be waiting for me on a bench right outside the taxi pick up area, I'm not sure if he even moved from that area because I saw him sit down and he was in that same exact spot when we got back, which was about an hour and half apart. As soon as we all arrived back to the hotel, we went out into the Garden's and took group pictures and then we took pictures with just the two of us. Around 4:30, we headed to Maggiano's, Todd was so nice that he gave us a ride there so we didn't have to pay for a taxi. I could not believe it! I can't wait to see the pictures! I'll be sure to share them!

Chapel of the Flowers: A+
This place is amazing, they have weddings down to a science. At one point my husband (that is so weird to say!) said that it's like a conveyer belt of weddings. That is so true, but not once did I feel like I wasn't important or that I was in another Bride's way. At 2pm on 3/23, they had 3 other weddings going on and I didn't even know. The limo drivers were punctual, the wedding started right on time. Our minister was amazing, he made the ceremony. He made us laugh and he made us cry, he really nailed it. We also purchased the deluxe first look package so we wouldn't see each other at all until I walked down the isle, they did a great job at making sure we were in separate areas at all times. Not one of our guests saw me until they opened the doors for me to walk down the isle, it was exactly how we wanted it! I can't say one bad thing about COF, our photographers were great, so easy to work with and made us feel really comfortable taking pictures. Originally we had decided to not have a lifestyle photographer, but when we got there, they had comp'ed us one. When we got to our photo appointment, we fell in love with ALL the pictures and ended up buying the rights to the lifestyle pictures too. Between the lifestyle and the regular photographer we have about 330 pictures, and that is only with a 30 minute posed session that came with our package. The grounds are a lot smaller then I imagined but they are beautiful, elegant and perfect for any kind of wedding you want. I feel like they really helped me have the elegant wedding we wanted even though we were in Las Vegas. 

Maggiano's: A+
Maggiano's was perfect. They were so easy to work with, answered any and all questions we had and they were very professional all the way through. The food was great, the room (Calabria) was spacious, the bartender was on it and made some great drinks. According to my MOH, the room was perfect when they got there, the cake was set up, the dance floor was ready to go and everything was in it's place. We dropped our favors, and personalized thank you cards off on Thursday, with very little instruction on how to set things up and they nailed it. We used their centerpieces and honestly, I'm glad we did because the tables look amazing the way they were, anything else and I think it would have been too much. I am so glad we went with Maggiano's. All of our guests said the food was amazing and the serving sizes were HUGE! Most of our guest went home (or back to their room) with left overs.

DJ Godzilla: A+
DJ Godzilla was great to work with. We booked him later on in the process when I decided that I wanted a DJ. I was worried at first because sometimes it took him a few days to get back to me, but I'm sure he's a busy man. His prices are very affordable for what he does, his set up is nice and simple and he played everything we wanted him to. Our music ranged from 80's to current, from Spanish to English, from rock to country and he played it all. Our guest loved him and kept commenting on his choice of music. We we got to the reception, DJ Godzilla came right out, introduced himself and got everything set up for our grand entrance. From that moment on, he played music, and kept the party going. I am so glad we went with him!

Freed's Bakery: A+
I didn't have to work with Freed's too much because Maggiano's did most of the work, but because they made our cake, I feel like I need to review them. Our cake was SO good. In fact, we just got done eating some of our left over cake. 4 days later and it still tastes amazing. The only time I had to talk to them was to actually pick the cake, they were great to talk to, explained everything and all of my options and helped me pick the best of the best. We had 3 layers to our cake, all 3 of them were amazing, my favorite was the carrot cake. I wish I had more of it! The other two layers were lemon cake with raspberry filling and vanilla cake with strawberry filling.

Please let me know if you have any questions, I'm more then willing to answer them. I won't lie though, I am SO tired and I'm SO ready for our honeymoon!
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Re: Reviews for 3/23/13 - long post

  • CONGRATULATIONS! Thank you so much for your reviews! We are staying at the Flamingo, getting married at the Gazebo Chapel there, booked Todd and are also having our reception at the Maggianos Calabria room so it was great seeing such amazing reviews.

    Can I ask how many guests you had in the Calabria room. When you get a chance can you post pictures of your room set up? Im really curious to see how their centrepieces look. Where did you get your dancefloor from? Sorry for all the questions...

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  • Beautiful!!!!! Congrats :)
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  • Thanks for the reviews and congrats!
  • Congrats! We booked Todd as well! I was wondering how many people were at your wedding?
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  • In Response to <a href="">Re: Reviews for 3/23/13 - long post</a>:
    [QUOTE]CONGRATULATIONS! Thank you so much for your reviews! We are staying at the Flamingo, getting married at the Gazebo Chapel there, booked Todd and are also having our reception at the Maggianos Calabria room so it was great seeing such amazing reviews. Can I ask how many guests you had in the Calabria room. When you get a chance can you post pictures of your room set up? Im really curious to see how their centrepieces look. Where did you get your dancefloor from? Sorry for all the questions...
    Posted by missmo14[/QUOTE]<div>
    </div><div>We had 45 guest, 10 people can be seated at a table, so there were a total of 5 tables and a sweetheart table. I'll look through pictures and hopefully find a couple to show how the table was set up. I didn't take any but I'm sure Todd did, but it will be a couple of weeks before we get those pictures. The dance floor was rented through Maggiano's. I'm not sure who they go through but it is currently $400 for set up/take down and rental of the floor. I'll take to get some pictures of that too.

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  • In Response to <a href="">Re:Reviews for 3/23/13 long post</a>:
    [QUOTE]Congrats! We booked Todd as well! I was wondering how many people were at your wedding?
    Posted by KikiMira[/QUOTE]

    <div>We had 45 people at our wedding.</div>
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  • Such pretty pretty pictures!! Congrats! So glad to hear everything was wonderful!
  • Great reviews, so glad everything was perfect for you. The pics are beautiful!
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  • SD210SD210 member
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    Great reviews!!!  I'm using Todd in August, so I love to hear good stuff about him! You looked amazing on your wedding day! Congratulations!!
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  • Congrats!! Thank you for your reviews!  I'm working with Todd and Harmony too- so it's great to keep hearing the wonderful reviews on them :)
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  • Congrats so happy mostly  everything went so smooth. Great reviews!! thanks for sharing, we have a few vendors in coomon; Todd, Godzilla & Maggiano's 
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  • Very BEAUTIFUL. and CONGRATS!!!!

    Thank you for the great reviews.. and it' sooo great that everything was flawless!!!
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  • Just had a chance to look at your pics. They are gorgeous...LOVE the red!
  • Thanks for sharing. I have Maggianos too in the Calabria room! You looked beautiful!
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