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Presidential Limo: Booked! And a question.

We kept going back and forht between Presidential Limo and Bells Trans and finally just decided on Pres.  I called to book the 8 pass limo. $80/hour plus $5 flue charge per hour.  So the total was $170.
I wasn't able to pay in full today because the driver has to take a imprint of the card on theday of.

But here's what I really don't understand.  The day before they will run a 'pre-auth' on my card for the full $170 PLUS 30%.  This will be returned within 3-5 days.  But then I pay on the day of and can use the 30% towards the drivers tip if I'd like. 

So, for anyone who's done this...why can't my pre-auth just go cover the bill?  Anyone who's used Presidential before is the 3-5days accurate?  It's my debit card so I want to make sure we'll get the pre-auth back asap LOL.
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Re: Presidential Limo: Booked! And a question.

  • I used them for airport pick up and paid in full online....
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  • They want to ensure there are funds to cover it. The first charge won't really go through, it will show as a hold/pending on your banks end and drop back into your acct, usually by day three, because they haven't fully processed it. You may not be able to access it during that time but it's not actually taken out. Because it will drop as a charge they need to run it again.

    They need the imprint to cover themselves in the event of a dispute on the charge, to prove they had card in hand and your signature. 
  • Thank you!! That's a much clearer explaination than I got LOL
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