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My fiance and his best man will need to rent tuxes for our May wedding. Does anyone have advice on the best place to do this, and what is the appropriate timing to contact/make an appointment for this? We will arrive 2 days before the ceremony. Thanks!

Re: Place for tux rentals

  • I used Tuxedo Junction. We selected the tuxedos from their website and gave our measurements over the phone. They delivered the 5 tuxedos to our hotel the day before the wedding and picked them up the day after at the concierge desk. I contacted them about 2 months out. I chose them over any other shop because they offer delivery AND pick up service. Overall, great vendor!
  • Thanks, did you do the measurements yourselves or have them done somewhere?
  • We are also using Tuxedo Junction for our wedding in May. We visted them in December for FI to pick one out and get sized so it's all ready to go when we arrive. They have great pricing too. We only had to put $10 down and the remaining balance is only $70! I also love that they pick up from the hotel as the previous post stated :)
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    The measurements were done at a tuxedo shop in my hometown (there aren't any Tuxedo Junction stores in my area). I decided to go to a shop because I didn't want to risk taking wrong measurements. After the guys were fitted I called and gave Tuxedo Junction the measurements. It was a very easy process. I like that they deliver the day before so if any alterations are needed you still have time. The tuxedos we rented were a perfect fit, so I wouldn't even worry.
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