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Platinum Brides- how did you decide on your guest count when booking?

Hi Ladies,
For those of you who got married or plan to be married at the Platinum, how did you decide what your guest count would be when booking your date? I am struggling with pulling the trigger right now because I am afraid we are going to either book too little or too much and be out a ton of money either way.

How did you determine what to do and did it bite you in the butt when your big day finally arrived?

Help a stressing bride out!

Re: Platinum Brides- how did you decide on your guest count when booking?

  • Hi!!!

    I booked the smallest package possible (we did all inclusive) because you can't go down once you give them a number. It's easier to add people than to take away. I also knew I did not want the number to be big (i like small weddings) and by booking smaller to start with, my parents couldn't keep adding.

    We started with the 40 people all inclusive buffet package. Our RSVP deadline was March 1 and we are up to 70! BUT they only do all inclusive pricing at 40, 60 and 80 people so the people from 61-70 we have to pay for at an individual per person rate until we hit 80. :) Does that make sense?

    But, once I told them 70, we're now tied to that number. Even if only 55 show up, i'm still paying for 70. That's the crappy part. I believe you have until 7 days before your event to give them a final n umber so you can always just aim low until that close.

    Hope this helps
  • same as above - we were inviting +/- 100 and figured that realistically it would be closer to 60-65 attending. So we did the 60 person inclusive and planned on just paying for the extras - we ended up right spot on with only 2 extra people. You definitely can't go back so be careful not to overbook!

    And yes - it is an amazing tool to keep the guest list small if that's what you want :)
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