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anyone been to drop alcahol to the DDB company before the trip?

Was wondering how farr off the stip it is?

I can email them, just feel like i have already sent to many questions Embarassed. They said we can drop some bottles of Champers off couple of days before and they will chill them ready in their coolers which is great!!
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Re: anyone been to drop alcahol to the DDB company before the trip?

  • I haven't yet but plan to for our 4/20 wedding so I'm interested in how far it is too :)  I think there is a rule of no glass on the bus though.
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  • Hi I've got to drop some stuff off on Wednesday for my wedding on Thursday, I think it's about a 20 minute drive from NYNY hotel which is where I'm staying :
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  • yep, we did it, and I think it was about 15-20 min. It felt a bit sketchy - there was no one there and there were just buses parked around back of the builiding that they told us to just leave the beer in - but it all turned out great - so dont' be nervous :)

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  • We asked if we could drop them alcohol the day of, and we were told no, it had to be the day before at the latest. I'm not sure what sense that makes...
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