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Holiday Inn Falmouth

Hi everyone, just wondering anyone's advice on Holiday Inn. I have a block there but my guests are running into trouble.  A few have booked 1 night by using online reservation system or calling the 800#.  However, when calling the direct hotel line they assure my guests its a 2 night minimum. I am fine with the 2 nights since it was in our agreement but i worry that our guests who were able to get 1 night reservations will asked to pay 2 nights upon arrival.  They have their confirmation that says 1 night.  Should I call or wing it? haha

Seems silly but i'm getting down to the wire and worrying about EVERYTHING haha

Re: Holiday Inn Falmouth

  • Do you have a close/relaxed relationship (or maybe a member of your bp) with any of the guests who booked online or on the 800 number?  If so, why not ask them to call and confirm their reservation with the front desk? I think this would easily help you confirm.
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