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Said Yes to the BM dress!

Today I went with one of my bridesmaid to look at dresses. I didn't see anything I even liked that the last time I looked. When the BM had the dress on I was instantly in love and my consultant was great! She even put the dress on so I could see what it would look like on a bustier girl.

How's wedding planing going for all of you?
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Re: Said Yes to the BM dress!

  • Picture please! Planning is going well. Did engagement session on Thursday. FI had a blast with our photographer doing comic book themed pictures. We designed our STDs with my lovely sister, also my MOH and our officiant! I'm also taking the time to build our website.
  • Picture please!!! I decided on my BM dress a few weeks ago, one of my BM who lives here in IL with me helped me pick it out, we're ordering them the end of the month when I head to VA for the summer. Planning from a distance is not that fun I must say. I'm a little behind so I'm playing catch up. We booked our photographer yesterday so hey I'm getting it done LOL
  • Details Details!!!

    We had a great time picking dresses as well. MOH will have a different dress but all are floor length, BMs in Pewter and MOH in Navy. Both are from Bill to search for jewelry and my shoes. My dress is already ordered but the shoe is going to be hard. Looking for a closed toe(or peeptoe) with a 2-2.5" heel in Ivory...bleh haha

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  • Good stuff!  I went shopping with most of my girls last weekend and they found some great options.  They're all picking out their own, so it's really up to them what they want to wear.
  • Yay for finding the dress!! I can't wait to have tht done. I have a designer in mind for BM dresses. We haven't gone to try them on yet but we will probably do that here soon. I know they will be navy and floor length. We just need to decide on the style and fabric.

    Planning has been pretty easy going so far. I have a bunch of appointments this month with our invitation designer/caligrapher, baker, and caterer. Plus FI and I are getting our engagement session done this weekend so it's going to be a busy month.
  • Here is the picture.  Sorry for the delay in posting.  I use my phone most of the time when I'm on the knot.  This weekend I went with most of the BM to try on and get measured.  I love how the flower pin can be moved :)
    MOH: Teal... Navy was almost black so it was a definite no
    BM:  'Grape'  a Dark Purple

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