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Need honest opinion on dress alterations

So I went for my first fitting today and at first she wasn't going to take it in because I felt comfortable but then I felt like I had to keep pulling the dress up a little as I was standing there so the seamstress decided we would talk it in a half inch on each side. She said this was the minimum she would have to take in to ensure she reached all the layers. I felt like it was really tight then as she was holding it taught to give me an idea. She said it would be in my best interest to pull it in at the waist so the dress holds up. So I agreed with her professional opinion. Well then since coming home in the last 3 hours I have felt a lot of risidual mid back pain. Does this seem right. Will I be more miserable hiking up the dress or will feeling constricted for 10-12 hours throw me over the edge?

Re: Need honest opinion on dress alterations

  • Do you think the dress will loosen up a little throughout the day? What are you wearing under the dress?
    I had the seamstress make mine as tight as possible through the waist and fitted at the bust (I have a back fat fear! :)) I'd rather be a little uncomfortable than be pulling at my dress all day.
  • If you would like to google my dress to see what it looks like it is "Allure 8862" I got mine done tighter at the waist and so it holds up the dress, because it essentially sits on my hips, and then the bodice has a little more room. As the previous poster said about back fat, I have an issue with a little armpit area fat, so if it's less constricted there it worked better for me.

    Also, my cousin at her wedding, got done with make up, and pulled her dress up to adjust and got make up on the dress, before photos. Luckly she had an emergency kit, with stuff to get the make up out with. I think the less you touch/ pull up the dress the less likely you will have chances to stain it.

  • Are you saying you think the back pain is because the dress is too tight?  I am not a small chick and I've had several dresses in my experience that were too tight but they never hurt my back.  Is you dress very involved?  Generally, the support of the dress is built into the structure and this usually means your hips.  If you are like me, perhaps, I am a sloucher and standing up straight, which happens because of what I'm wearing UNDER my dress, not the dress itself, is more what causes me to have a slightly sore lower back.  I would suggest wearing your undergarments under regular clothes for several hours to determine if it's the dress or just not being used to wearing various bridal undergarmets and standing upright and straight.  You dont' want to be pulling up your dress all day, there will be sure to be pictures of you striking that pose-isn't that always the way?!-and I can definately see, like what was mentioned above, getting food, drink, makeup etc on your dress and if you are pulling, it is not fitted properly.  You should be able to breath obviously, but a tighter dress (thought not a TIGHT dress) is usually the better option, at least in my history of prom and bridesmaid dresses.
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