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C & V Thursday

Confessions? Vents? Here's your opportunity to let 'em out.

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    I'll start...

    Confession: I have mentally checked out of the project I'm leading at work right now. We're 3 months behind schedule, we've run into more roadblocks, headaches and heartburn than I can get into, and to top it off, I'm not actually a project lead, so I'm doing the work of a position higher than mine, for the same amount of $$. With wedding stuff looming, I'm over it and I just want this project to go away.

    Vent: Everything and just about everyone is getting on my nerves right now because I'm feeling so stressed from work and wedding stuff. I'm channeling my inner Grumpy Cat right now.

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    Confession: I can't stop registry stalking!  I told myself I would only check it to get a general idea of when my shower was so that I would know to do my hair/makeup every weekend until it happened...well now I'm pretty sure its next weekend but I still can't stop!

    Vent: My invitations still aren't sent out!  When I met with the invitation lady in January, I told her I wanted to mail them by march 8, she only got them to me last monday (march 18th) and if that wasn't late enough it was without the printed envelopes, which I still do not have!  Either me or my mom has been calling her everyday and she hasnt even apoligized, she just keeps saying they will be done soon and when I asked what was taking so long she told me that normally people write the envelpes themselves...which is fine except in January when we met you told me that "of course I will print the envelopes for you."  I would have gladly taken them elsewhere if she hadn't repeatedly said this!! Ugh so annoying!!
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    No confession this week, but I have been waiting to vent since Saturday! I kept thinking I would get over it, but that hadn't happened! Ugh! On Saturday FI informed me that he had spoken to his brother and that we were going to have to help them out with their plane tickets to come down for the wedding!! WTF?? My fiancé has lived here for 4 years and neither his parents or his brother have ever come down to visit, we've been up there to visit 4 times!! And now that they're actually coming to see us we have to pay for it!! Ahhh! His reasoning was since his wife is not working right now they were a little tight financially. I also don't work, I stay home with our son, and I know for a fact his brother makes more money than my fiancé does! It just doesn't make sense to me and I am really annoyed about it! They have know for a year that we were getting married this June! We actually even had to change our wedding date because of them, but it's always been June! They've had plenty of time to save up and plan for this!! Not to mention that since FI brought this up they have posted on Facebook 3 tomes about going out to dinner or going out and doing something!! Why in the world are you not home saving money so we don't have to pay for you're trip?? I'm just wondering where it's going to end...it starts with their plane tickets, but are we going to have to end up paying for a rental car, his suit for the wedding, what's next?! UGH!!!! Okay vent finally over!! I really needed to get that out!!
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    Confession: I'm procrastinating on DIY stuff for the wedding.  Really badly too.

    Vent: I started having an anxiety attack today when I realized how little time was left and how much I've been procrastinating and I'm so angry at myself right now I could scream.  I need to kick my own arse.  How sad is that??  Ugh.
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    Confession: I've been completely ignoring wedding stuff lately...I've been so busy with trying to get all of the paperwork together for the condo we're trying to buy and I just got a promotion so there's been so much other stuff going on that wedding has been put in the backseat.
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    pedulaneypedulaney member
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     I am ready for the wedding to just be here already. Wedding planning can be great...until you are knee deep in real life and still have to juggle finalizing wedding plans.
    Don't get me wrong, I'm glad we're having this wedding...it's just stressful getting it all put together!

    Today I met again with the florist. We went over a few changes and then she gave me an updated price and the price DOUBLED!!!! I was about to faint. I told her that it was more than I had expected and she thought it was very reasonable. Thinking back on it I bet the price jumped because she suggested changing the centerpieces from white stock to white hydrangeas. Maybe those are a ton more expensive, I don't know but I have a call in to her about finding some cheaper options. I hope she gets back to me tomorrow and we can iron all this out before my spring break is over. Between next Monday and June 1st I will be SWAMPED with work. I have been working hard at trying to get as much accomplished before June gets here as physically possible.

    I hope you all are having a great week!
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    niemand88fniemand88f member
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    Confession & Vent: I've been sick since last Wednesday, I had to take a couple days off work just when we started getting busy again. I'm mostly feeling better but still have this lingering cough, I hate coughing loudly at work but all my usual remedies aren't having much effect on it. The confession part is that during my sick days I did absolutely nothing productive - and I could have done some small things like choosing ceremony music.

    Second Vent: I HATE my grad school class this semester. I can't learn from this professor's style and she is so disorganized. There are only 6 people in the class and it still took her over a month to grade our tests, and she was so incredibly unforgiving about minor arithmetic errors. Like... I do everything in the problem completely perfectly, but in the very last step accidentally transpose some numbers - 50% of the problem's points gone!
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    Confession::: I spent another $300 on wedding goodies even though I told FI I wouldn't do anything else for the month of march, then my 10 yr old son called me at work to tell me the box came and I bribed him to hide it, its not extreme but I didn't want to deal with FI saying he told me so. Vent:::: my office is ticking me off to no end. I work in an Oncology office. my dept is short staffed bc my new girl is slower than a ad snail. every day my boss will tell me (or text when he's not there) Asking me to help our front office staff get caught up before I go home. Their are 4 of them, they can easily do their job efficiently with 3 ppl but they are so focused on chatting and stuff that nothing gets done. I can be done at 445pm ready to leave at 5... BUT... When they have a massive back log of reports for doctors, electronic faxes to deal with etc, I have to stay bc my boss asked me too. I realize its bc he knows I can so it but I have 3 kids at home too.
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    Confession: I cannot sleep anymore....it's like my brain decides to spring wide awake as soon as I decide to lay down...argh.

    Vent: My invitations have not gone out yet! They are scheduled to arrive today so I'm going to do my best to get them out first thing Monday morning :-/
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