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How to find the right sheet music?

My fiance's little brother is a high school senior & has a band with a few of his buddies.  Since our wedding is not in a church, we need to figure out some type of music & think it'd be cool if his brother & his 2 friends did our ceremony music.  I think they could pull it off with medium-level sheet music & practice.  They were totally excited when we asked them... which actually suprised me that they would be into wedding music since that isn't normally the type they play!

There are 2 guitarists & 1 keyboard player, so how do I find the right arrangements for them?  I don't think you can just have them each play a solo version of the song together. 

I googled it & you either get sheet music for a piano or sheet music for a guitar, but nothing like a "trio" of 2 guitars & keyboard/piano.  Ideas?

Re: How to find the right sheet music?

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    I've seen plenty of guitar/piano sheet music, but usually it's just one of each.  If you can't find anything for your particular trio, you might just see if the guitarists can switch off, or maybe one can play and the other can sing if the song has vocals. is where I get all my sheet music.
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    Try contacting Stanton's Sheet Music in Columbus, Ohio.

    They provide music to all kinds of bands, orchestras, choirs, etc of all levels.
    Stanton's Sheet Music www.stantons.com330 South 4th StreetColumbus, OH 43215-5496(614) 224-4257Get directions - Is this accurate?This address, phone number, map or business info is not accurate. Confirm CancelThank you for the feedback.Bus: E Main St & S 4th St2 reviews - Write a reviewOpen Weekdays 9am-5pm; Sat 9am-4pmHours and more »

    I've bought music from them for years.

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    FYI - in case anyone wonders, I am not a vendor. I play several instruments, sing, have directed choirs, etc.. so I've personally used Stantons and I know they ship all over the world.
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