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Vendor Reviews! Better late than never!

Hi ladies! Reviews always helped me in the process, so I wanted to post my own! I hope they help someone else out and I apologize in advance for the length! So here's we go!

Ceremony/Reception/Caterer-Stonebridge Ranch Country Club Mckinney, TX., A
The venue was beautiful and the staff was excellent. Katie, the events coordinator is so much fun to work with and very prompt in returning all emails and phone calls. She was so
easy to work with and was so much help in giving suggestions for the reception. Her staff was absolutely awesome.We got so many compliments on the food and the service.
My only hang ups with the venue are the fact that the space we had our reception in was split into 2 rooms,and I didn't realize we'd have to use the second room for a wedding our size until after we booked it. The other thing is, the venue gets extremely hot with even the air conditioning on. Other than that, staff and food were excellent!

Cake-Romano's Bakery F-This was a huge mistake going with this bakery. We went to them, as our wedding planner recommended them and ended up having nothing but problems.They got our wedding date confused when we called in to make our payment on our cake, and so I was worried they wouldn't show up with the cake. Then when it
came, it was missing half of the sugar flowers on the tiers and the entire sugar flower topper. It came with the wrong color and also missing the glitter it should've had. The quality was awful as well. Very messy looking. The grooms cake came cracked, with messy handwriting and the game controller came lopsided and lumpy. We also found a wooden stick in one of the slices of cake. Worst of all, when we contacted Romano's, they offered absolutely no apology, no offer to fix it and were just plain rude and
unprofessional. They did offer a 150 refund, but the rudeness was just completely uncalled for. I would never recommend this bakery.

Flowers-Lush Couture Floral-A Dietra and her team at Lush did a fantastic
job on our flowers. She is so creative and got my vision the first time we met her. Our flowers were breathtaking. She is a little slow on returning emails, but nothing outrageous. We were missing some little things here and there, but everything still turned out spectacular. I would most definitely recommend her!!

DJ/Lighting-Jordan Bell w/Spin Productions-B Jordan did a good job for the reception,
but there were a few small issues, some of which may have been a miscommunication with our planner, so not sure. The lighting was the wrong color (granted, this was a change and may not have been communicated by our planner, so not sure who's fault this is). He did a good job of playing peppy dance music, but we didn't have many slower songs at all. Seems like he didn't read the crowd as well as he could have, but not a huge deal. He did play the wrong song for our garter toss, which was a huge disappointment to us since we really wanted our song played. Overall, he did a good job keeping us dancing and he wasn't cheesy,so it was a success in our book.

Hair/Makeup-Something You Shannon Caldwell-Dowling-A, Shannon did a fabulous job on our makeup,as well as mine and my mothers hair. Makeup stayed pretty well. They were in a rush to get out of our appointment to do another wedding, but everyone got done and looked beautiful.

Officiant-Keith Long, Love Notes A++++ Keith did an AMAZING job with our ceremony!
He helped us plan the perfect ceremony, great length, and was SO funny and just meshed
well with us. He took something that we wanted to do that could've turned cheesy with the wrong person and make it sweet and heartfelt. I cannot say enough good things about Keith,he was just fantastic.

Linens-Elena Linens (Ebay)-A Made our linens for us, great turnaround time, impeccable
service and stunning table linens! An absolute STEAL, pricewise, for what we received.
Highly recommend if you're looking to have linens made.

Photography-Laura Parker, Fairy Tale Photography-A++++++++++ Oh my gosh, what
can I say? Laura is the best! I would recommend Fairy Tale a million times over!
She was with us from 10 AM-1 AM AND had our sneaks up the next morning.
She was a.maz.ing. Great pricing, great work and wonderful and FUN to work with!
She had our images to us while we were on our honeymoon and my goodness, were the pics stunning. Great job, wonderful lady and one of my favorite vendors and all around people ever!

Wedding Planner-Rachel Events-C I have mixed feelings on this. There were times when
they were great and then times that weren't so great. Response time and communication
was excellent. Absolutely no complaints there. However, there seemed
to be a lot of misinformation on some things that we were told. Things that we thought were included and werent. I just didn't feel like this was money well spent. Though things went alright on the day of, I felt like we had a lot of frustration with the things that did go wrong (which, admittedly there were quite a few things that I forgot,so I understand to a certain extent), but I heard the same from my bridesmaids with their interactions. All in all,
not sure this was the best way to go for us, but they were still helpful but maybe not the best money spent.

Popcorn/Candy Bar-Le Popcorn-D The popcorn was fantastic, got so many compliments on that. They came through at the last minute to do our wedding for us, which I do appreciate. There was some miscommunication on what would be provided,
which was explained after the fact, which I accepted. The low rating comes in because the tear down included the popcorn being DUMPED on our table without us being able to take it home. Several people saw this, plus we have pictures of the huge amount of popcorn on the table. When I asked the owner about this,she told me this never happened and that she simply took the popcorn that was left in the containers with her. Blatent lie, as there were heaps of it on the table. Though the popcorn was wonderful, being lied to isn't.

Invitations-Papyrus-A++, Papyrus rocks! They were on top of everything, corrected every error we ever had in printing and the customer service was PHENOMENAL! The girls at the NorthPark location were superstars. Communication was stellar and the end result was beautiful. HIGHLY recommend them, they were so much fun to deal with. Im a Papyrus customer for life.

Rehearsal Dinner-Patrizios(Fairview)-A, They did a fabulous job on our RD. Food was amazing and service was excellent. Great pricing and several private and semi private areas to choose from. Love them! Highly recommend!

Bridal Gown/Bridesmaid Dresses- Lulu's Bridal-C My experience with Lulu's was a roller coaster. It started out great, my consultant Lisa was an absolute joy to work with. She helped me find the perfect dress after a ton of visits to the salon. The service after the dress was bought was a whole different story. The times I went in with my bridesmaids to pick out and get fitted for their gowns was not a pleasant experience. The bridesmaid consultant that we worked with kept insisting that we order as much as 4 sizes too big for 2 of my girls, which we did not do. Thank goodness we didn't, since going up a size was already more than enough. She also made my bridesmaid highly uncomfortable as she kept yelling out her measurements across the room. Then once my wedding gown came in, they couldn't find it (turns out it got sent for alterations, which is fine), but after telling me they couldn't find it and they would call me back, NOBODY ever did and I only found out it was found when I went and kept my appointment for alterations the next day, hoping it would be there. Not only that, but they couldn't find one of my bridesmaids dresses when they came in and left us hanging while they scrambled around to find it, which they eventually did. Not one time did anyone apologize for any of these instances, which would have gone a long way with me. Instead, they acted like they couldn't be bothered with us. Not an experience any bride likes, especially when you get so many wedding items from one place. I personally would not recommend this place.

Tuxes-Stardust Celebrations, A-My husband had no issues ordering tuxes, they all came in with plenty of time and the service was good.

Phew! There ya go, hope this is helpful to someone! (-: All in all, it was a gorgeous day and I married my best friend, so I'm so happy!

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