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Pianist for cocktail hour

Hi all! FI and I are getting married August 2014. He is completely against a DJ and I think a pianist can be boring (no offense). So we compromised and would like a live pianist for cocktail hour and possibly during dinner. But we wanted one with a varied portfolio who can play songs everyone will know. Does anyone know where I could find someone like that? He's doing his part to look but so far hasn't found anyone. Thanks for the help! We really appreciate it!

Re: Pianist for cocktail hour

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    We had Fabian Brown and a small trio of jazz music for our cocktail hour.  He has a website, he does production stuff as his main muscial work and then also is in a big salsa band.  He organized the trio for the cocktail hour then stayed on after as our DJ.  He is from Collingswood, so he is local.  I know he has also performed at the first Friday events in Haddonfield.  I'm not sure of his pricing, he is a friend of my husbands, so we did get a discount!  He isn't a pianist, but his music was great!  And I'm sure you would get the same effect of what your looking for in the end.
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