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I'm ready to explode (this is a long rant)

How bad do you think it'd be if I just turned off my phone for the next 12 days? Because it's been ringing off the hook with questions/complaints/concerns and I'm ready to throw it out the window on the interstate.

My parents renting a large house the week before the wedding, and plan to host the ceremony and the reception there. When we began planning over a year ago, we considered having our immediate families stay there with us. FMIL shot that idea down and said she was planning to rent a separate house for her extended family to stay and make it a "mini vacation". So we extended an offer to members of our wedding party to stay with us Friday and Saturday night so they wouldn't have to book hotels.

Months later, FMIL changes her mind and asks if she (and her husband, daughter, son-in-law, and granddaughter) can stay with us at the house for the whole week, citing son-in-law's change in jobs. She even offered to help my parents pay for the house. I plainly told her she would have to call my mother and discuss it with her, and gave her my mom's phone number. She never called, but FI let her know that the family staying with us was no longer possible because there wouldn't be enough room with the wedding party.

Cut to my bridal shower. FMIL says they will be coming into town on Wednesday before the wedding. My mom casually asks where they will be staying. Crickets. "I thought we were staying with you?" Most awkward moment ever. So we let them know that (again) no, that was not part of the plan. FMIL and FSIL walk out (leaving our niece in the house). I don't know what was said but... I think we can guess that it wasn't pleasant. Things have been tense ever since.

FMIL waited until the last possible minute to begin planning the rehearsal dinner. She asked us where we wanted to have it, and we told her the place - in January. Turns out, she "misheard" the name of the restaurant and started trying to book it somewhere else. That's fine, when it came up we corrected her and asked if it was too late to book it at our original location. Then I come to find out, she went and called FI's dad and lied to him about the situation, saying we changed our minds at the last minute. So I'm pretty pissed about that. She also said that she wouldn't be able to afford the original location "now that we have to pay for rooms". I know that their finances are not my business but... dammit I'm mad. I keep trying to figure out how FI and I are getting blamed for all of this.

Also, my jr. bridesmaid's mom just texted me to complain that they had to book a room at the Travelodge because the rooms we blocked were released "like 30 days ago". Well, yes. They were. You had several weeks to book one of those rooms and that information was made available to you. I'm sorry the person on the phone was rude to you but... what am I supposed to do about it? Part of me is worried that there are other people who haven't booked rooms yet but at the end of the day, I can't fix that for them. 

I'm sorry; I had to rant so I didn't go home to FI and scream at him for an hour.
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