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Taking my kidlets to Disney

before I get married...just one last time as JUST US.  They are delirious with excitement.  And, we are all getting pumped about our new future with our new family members... His kids and my kids get along so well, I super hope that continues.

I took them to Disney when I had to file for divorce from their dad, to show them that not only would we survive, but we would be VERY FINE.  So, it represents a sort of freedom to us.

Re: Taking my kidlets to Disney

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    [QUOTE]In Response to Re: Taking my kidlets to Disney : I want to go so bad and this just makes it worse. Now I'm trying to decide if I can fit in a trip before baby or if I should try to take a less than 1 year old.
    Posted by misshart00[/QUOTE]

    I say you do both. There can never be too many trips to Disney!


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    Hope you have a blast!!! I think its awesome you are doing this. I did something similar with my kids when I divorced their dad... I felt I had to prove to them we would be ok, and we can still be happy. After about a year my divorce my oldest (he was about 8) told me I was right, bc he could see I was happier and that was important. HAVE AN AWESOME TRIP!!
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