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How did you "say yes to the dress"?

I'm curious as to what other peoples' wedding dress shopping experience was like?

For one, my experience was nothing like what you see on Say Yes to the Dress. I didn't have *that moment*.
My mother was in town for my brother's birthday and staying at my place. The next morning we were meeting my sister for lunch, so we decided to drop into the bridal salon along the way. I had a picture of a dress that caught my eye while browsing that particular bridal salon's website.
Unfortunately when we got there, the consultant told us they sold the dress off the floor. Since it was only 11 days after I had actually been engaged, we thought it was alright. But we stayed to look around at other dresses. Going in, I realized that we were probably the consultant`s worst nightmare as they like to make a sale, and we were upfront in telling her we were just looking. So it was just me and my mom looking at dresses. I pulled a few dresses from the sale rack in my size that caught my eye, but once they were on, it was a no go. While I was trying on a pink ruffly dress, my mom came by the dressing room and showed me a dress she found.
I decided to try it on.
I was a little torn between the pink one and the one my mom pulled. But then my thoughts kept going back to the one my mom pulled for me and I decided it was the one I wanted.
So we bought it off the floor that day.

Since that day I've had no regrets either. I'm excited to wear my dress, so I know it's definitely the one.

What was your experience like? Who did you bring for your entourage?
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Re: How did you "say yes to the dress"?

  • I found a dress in a magazine that was at Priscilla of Boston. I made the appointment later that week. Going in with my Mom and sister they told me they didn't have the dress yet but could have it brought in the following week. I tried on 6 different dresses, none really impressed me. A week later I came back with my entire family. The sample was actually smaller than the others. My consultant rushed it to alterations and had them cut the dress open and put a panel on my back. I walked out and my family did a collective "Yeah, that's it. That's the one." I agreed and put the deposit down. I've had my dress for over a year and love it just as much as the day I picked it up. I can't wait to wear it. 
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    I only went to try on dresses once. I went alone. I found out what styles looked best on me and what I felt most comfortable in, then went home to think about it. Since I knew I didn't want a white/ivory/etc dress, I started looking online and found my dress on Etsy. I knew it would work on me because I had tried on similar styles. It would have been nice to have my mom with me dress shopping but it was never going to happen that way since we live thousands of miles apart.
  • The first time I went shopping I took my sister, mom and MIL. I had found a dress that I loved a few years ago and I thought that would be the one. When I tried it on it did nothing for me. I tried on a few others that day and I didn't find anything.

    I probably went to 6 or 7 salons total and couldn't find anything. The last salon I went to I saw a dress, but it was a similar style to the one that didn't flatter me at all but I ended up trying it on anyways after the first few dresses failed. I fell in love with it but it was white (I didn't want white or ivory) and 5x my budget. My aunt finally convinced me to go to her friend who made my cousins dress. I went and talked with her, she and I came up with a design, picked out materials and she ended up making my dress. I got SO many compliments on it at my wedding. I am happy I went that route. Oh, I didn't have "that moment" until I put my dress on the day of the wedding.
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    I wasn't looking at all.  I went to the salon for a BMs dress and while they were doing the paperwork I spotted a gorgeous St. Pucci Couture dress and lifted it off the rack just to see it.  The price tag said I could purchase it for the bargain basement price of $4,500!! (sarcasm).  So, I promptly hung it back on the rack and went back to the counter to wait for them to finish up.  I casually mentioned how lovely the dress was but commented that a dress like that was way out my price range.

    The saleslady said, Oh no!  That is a discontinued dress.  It's half off and a sample and the only size we have.  So that brought the price down to $2,250.  I said, well, that's still too steep for me.  I couldn't really go above $1,000.  She said well try it on and I'll talk to the store owner.  So, I said, ok no harm in trying it on.  Needless to say it fit like a glove! 

    The saleslady came back and said, she will give it to you for $1,300.  I said sold!!  I felt like Cinderella when she spins around and suddenly has on the most gorgeous dress ever.  Then I said, oh but wait, I need something for my shoulders in my church.  She brought out  a lovely lace and sheer bolero that was also 50% off that seemed to be custom made for the dress.  So, I bought that too and walked out with both in less than an hour.

    I was completely alone so I took it over my aunt's house and she promptly labeled it gorgeous, which made me feel so good.  Now, I just need a veil but cannot wait to walk down the aisle in it and see FI's face.
  • I was at the stage where I was buying every bridal magazine and flipping through the pages for ideas.  I kept coming back to this Carmen Marc Valvo dress that was only being sold at Neiman Marcus.  At $3000 it was completely out of my price range.  While trying to see if it was being sold anywhere else I stumbled upon an ebay listing for it - brand new with the tags still on.  I offered the seller $999 and she accepted it!  I never went to a salon to try on dresses.  Sometimes I think I may have missed out on some important experience, but every time I look at my dress I think....nope, I did good!  Everyone who has seen it says it is gorgeous and looks great on me.
  • I was pretty easy. I went to David's Bridal. I looked on their website and chose a few gowns I'd like to try on. I had a #1 favorite in mind but wasn't convinced it was The One until I put it on. They amazingly had it in my size, and it was the first one I put on. I knew that was it, but FI's family had driven four hours just to watch me try on dresses, so we picked out a few more but at the end of the day, I was like "It's the first one. It's always been the first one." And that was that.

    My niece and jr. bridesmaid came with us, and "rated" each dress. One a scale of one to ten, my dress got "eleven thousand hundred".
  • I made my life pretty easy by just wanting the biggest dress they had in the store.  I tried on other styles just to be sure, but I already knew my body type is custom-made to rock the biggest damn skirt on the planet.

    If they had had gypsy wedding dresses in the store, I would have tried one on :P.
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  • My sister and I went one night to look at dresses.  It was my first time going and I figured I'd just try on different shapes to get a good idea about what I wanted.  The first dress I tried on was the opposite of what I wanted, but I ended up really liking it.  12 dresses later that was the only one that I wanted to put back on, so I did.  I went out in front of all the mirrors and they added a sash and I was sold!  I came back with my mom and week later and bought it.  I couldn't stop thinking about my dress all week and that's how I knew it was the right decision.
  • I scheduled three appointments - one in Chicago (Nordstrom), one in Milwaukee and one in St. Louis. Chicago was a positive experience but I wasn't entirely sold on anything. I had a very negative experience at the Milwaukee salon and I really liked a Jenny Packham sample sale dress I tried on there, but I didn't want to buy from a salon with such poor customer service.

    The third salon I went to was a small and fairly new on in St. Louis called Fleur de Lis Bridal. I walked in and immediately knew that I had to buy a dress there. It was a private appointment (no walk-ins) in a small and beautifully furnished little boutique with great designers. I never had "the moment", but my mom did three times and I ended up going with the dress with pockets (whatup, Soup?!) - it felt very J.Crew to me, plus three passers-by stopped and knocked on the window to give me a thumbs-up while I was wearing it. AND the salon was having a trunk show for the designer the following month, and they said they'd apply the discount now. We toasted with champagne.

    I guess what was important to me in buying a dress was supporting a business I really liked. The St. Louis boutique had such wonderful customer service and they weren't pushy - just very knowledgeable and accomodating. I even got a veil there. It all just felt very logical to me.

    I can't believe I didn't cry, though. I seriously cry once a day because I'm an overly emotional person... and I didn't cry when trying on wedding dresses OR when FI proposed. What is wrong with me?
  • I went with my mom to the early sale for the Brides Against Breast Cancer event here in Nashville. I tried on three dresses, the last one fit like a glove and was only $200. We were there for maybe 30 minutes and I was able to pay cash for a beautiful dress. I've added a petticoat and bolero to it now, so it was $300 for the entire ensemble which is about as much as I'm willing to pay for a dress I'm gonna wear once.

  • I spent a few weeks googling different dresses, and trying to figure out what I was looking for that all these other dresses didn't have to make me happy.

    What I discovered was some Chinese knock-off site that had this dress that totally caught my eye.  Came here, learned Chinese knock-off is almost a guarantee of Chinese Rip-off, so I passed.  And, I believe someone suggested looking at Alfred Angelo for a style close to what I wanted.

    I asked my FI for input as I was looking at a few different dresses; I showed him the knock off and this other one.  He liked the second one; so his surprise will be that I'm wearing the one he picked on our wedding day.  :)

    So, I knew what I wanted when I walked in to the store; it was just a matter of making sure it looked good on me.

    It did.

    No tears, no crying, just a lot of mental "CRAP!  This is out of my budget!  Noooo!!"

    I didn't try on anything else; for me, there was just no point.  My sister brought in another dress with color on it, but the consultant said, one, it was being discontinued, and two, the train was far more formal than my ceremony site (it's an outdoor, small and intimate place), whereas mine has a short train and will look great out there.

    My best friend (who was there) told me if I'd just say yes, she'd help with the deposit.  My mom did as well.  Which then put the dress only $100 out of my budget.

    We decided to think about it; grabbed lunch, went to JoAnne's (mom was thinking we could make a dress instead with a professional seamstress), and talked about it more.

    I just was afraid I wouldn't love something as much as that one.  So, we went back to the store and dropped the deposit.  Now I have to wait until the beginning of July to get it in (I bought it the end of March!).

    I took my bestie (MOH), my sister (BM) and my mom. 
  • My family owns a bridal shop. I have been losing weight and I did not feel like trying dresses on 9 months before my wedding but my mother made me because she fears it not coming in on time... She had a dress picked out in mind, and a backup dress also in mind but she didn't tell me either. I put on 6 dresses, I liked 5 and 6 (the two she happened to pick out) and i decided on the one I felt the least fat in and the most like a bride. 

    I was mostly emotional about how much I've gained since I got married the last time.
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  • I had to order something without trying it on, so I searched online and found something pretty through Nordstroms. There are no shops where I live, the closest one is two days away, and I didn't have the time (or access to fabric shops) to make one.

    I knew that it would be a flattering shape for my figure, it fits the style of my wedding, and I was comfortable with the price. I even ordered a size up, because I can do my own alterations. (Unfortunately even with the size up, my chest is posing problems, so I may have to do more alterations than I planned for).

    Nothing fancy, no squealing moment, no tears. Even when I managed a bridal salon I didn't see a lot of that.
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  • I purchased the first dress I tried on.  My mom and I went to my appt at a private bridal salon, and because we were early, my consultant let me browse and pull out dresses to try on.  I actually pulled out my own dress sample, put it on, and absolutely loved it.  No tears or squealing, I just knew it fit and looked perfect on me.  I tried on 6 other dresses, each completely different in style.  At the end of my appt, I put back on my first dress, and knew it was the one.  It had a full (but not too full) skirt, rouching, and beading.  The corset pinched in my waist and gave me a nice shape.  We placed the order and left very happy!
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  • In Response to Re: How did you "say yes to the dress"?:
    [QUOTE] I can't believe I didn't cry, though. I seriously cry once a day because I'm an overly emotional person... and I didn't cry when trying on wedding dresses OR when FI proposed. What is wrong with me?
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    Yeah I'm very emotional too on a daily basis, but I didn't cry either! Weird how that happens eh?
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  • I found my dress on TK I think-it was definitely while browsing online at work.  It was exactly the style I wanted, without having really known that before laying eyes on it.  I am not a princess type bride at all, and I wanted something that had (forgive me for using this phrase, since I'm so sick of seeing it myself) old-Hollywood glamour, and made me look like a screen siren.  Once I saw this dress, I compared every other dress I saw online or in magazines to it, so I knew it was my #1.  I thought the cut would look good on my body type, but I wanted to make sure.
    Unfortunately no stores near me carry this designer, so I had to go online to find out that the nearest bridal salon who did was about an hour away.  I called and they had my dress in stock.  I didn't want to go all the way up there just to find out that I was wrong about the style, so I made a local appointment alone to try on dresses for the first time.  I didn't want any opinions-I just wanted to get it over with and see if there were any dresses out there that looked good on me.  I tried on a bunch of different dresses, and was pleased to find out that the style I thought would be best, in fact was.
    So I called my mom on my way home, confessed about my secret appointment, and let her know that I was going to the salon that had my #1 dress in stock to try it on. This time I took her with me, and we both loved it.  I tried on a few more because I knew she didn't come all that way to see me put on one dress, but every time I had another dress on, I kept staring at my #1 on the hanger.
    So I made the decision.  As soon as I said it out loud, I got teary.  Not overly so, just happy tears.
  • In Response to Re: How did you "say yes to the dress"?:
    [QUOTE]I went with my mom to the early sale for the Brides Against Breast Cancer event here in Nashville. I tried on three dresses, the last one fit like a glove and was only $200. We were there for maybe 30 minutes and I was able to pay cash for a beautiful dress. I've added a petticoat and bolero to it now, so it was $300 for the entire ensemble which is about as much as I'm willing to pay for a dress I'm gonna wear once.
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    Yay!  That's where I donated my dress to!

    Anyways, I went to DB because it was easy, tried on a few dresses, took pictures of my favorites, then went home.  Dress #1 that I liked in the store looked way too overwhelming on me in pictures.  Dress #2 that I loved in the store, but absolutely detested the sash that came with it, I looked up reviews online and saw different options for the sash and that completely sold me.  I went back the following weekend to try on the dress while covering it with a different sash and bought it on the spot.

    I've been married about a year and a half and still LOVE my dress, but I never had they cliche SYTTD moment of getting all teary eyed and just 'knowing' that it was my dress.  It's not as common as the show makes it out to be.

  • I first went shopping with my mom at Alfred Angelo--as a first time shopper/bride I had no idea what I wanted, so my consultant was nice and pretty much just tried anything and everything so I could get an idea.  I ended up liking a pretty A-line lace dress, but was not 100% sold on it. 

    From there I began to look at anything a-line and still had a two styles I liked (all lace vs satin w/ rouging at the side).  I found a dress from Casablanca on the knot dress ap that really caught my eye and noticed a store back in my hometown had that dress and a few others I had liked; so we made an appointment for a weekend I was home.  I went with just my mom and They did not have the dress I intially liked but pulled from the Casablanca line in my budget.  I tried Casablanca 2072 first that day and fell in love.  And especially when they said I could get the neck in a different style I was sold.  I tried more dresses to appease my mom, but I kept comparing it to the Casablanca.  Once they put the veil and accessories on I had my mom in tears, so I knew it was the dress. 

    I thought I wanted a "simple" dress but cannot deny the lace and sparkle is totally me :)

    I'm usually not emotional, but would notice wedding stuff has made me a little more emotional (I would cry watching SYTTD or watching a marriage proposal) but yet I didn't cry when FI proposed or when I picked my dress. 

  • I went to DB with my mom and my sister to try on dresses. I already had my dream dress in mind that I found online but it is waaaaaaaay out of my budget. So we went down to see if there was anything that I liked. I got to try on a Vera Wang dress that made me feel like I was floating in a pink marshmellow and found another Vera Wang I was ok with. Trying on dresses definitely made me realize that long ballgowns are not for me - I liked the shorter dresses and I need some sort of definition at the waist.

    We went out to get a drink after and when we got home I started looking for seamstresses to make my dress. I'm a fairly emotional person, so I may cry when my dress is finished, but it took me 3 hours to cry after my FI proposed - that's when it really hit me.
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