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Anyone still watching? The finale was good last night.

Re: The Following

  • fmbyofmbyo member
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    Yes! Love this show. Kevin Bacon is great. What an ending!
  • They would have had to put me up in a police safe house because there are way too many followers out there.

    Do you think there was some kind of trap door and Joe survived the fire?
  • hmonkeyhmonkey member
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    you know that scrub survived the fire, and he is going to show up in sweeps next year with a hamburger face. 

    i wish emma would diaf.

    when claire got [SPOILERS] -- let's say, "schmabbed in the schmack,", i thought she looked like KNIFE GOES WHERE

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    What's up with all of the stabbing scenes too? They don't just stab a few times, it's like a prison shanking scene every time.

    Claire should have went to town with that fork.

  • fmbyofmbyo member
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    I think he survived - there's no way he died. Yes @ Hamburger face. Like Pelant, but worse.

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