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*hmo* (vacuum related)

Did yours not come with a little collar to hold the brush and the crevice tool?

I think there are still other things that don't store handily, but you should be able to on-board these 2, at least.


Re: *hmo* (vacuum related)

  • yes, but what about the big crevice tool? and the dust mop when i am using the vacuum?

    i think i am going to have to get some kind of belt holster when i vacuum, like lara croft or something.
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    I agree. I never use the dust mop, because it's hanging in a bag in the laundry room closet. While I get that piece not being on-board (and not having an on-board storage for the vacuum head while you're using the dust mop), I do wish there were a wall-mounted accessory holder that would make all of that much easier.

    I didn't even know there was a longer crevice tool, probably because I put it in the bag with the dust mop, hung it in the closet, and haven't opened it since.

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    Home made cleaning bandoliner <adds to next years secret satan list.
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