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Hi girls!!

How was the weekend??


Things to accomplish this week?
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  • hcorr34hcorr34 member
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    Good morning!

    The weekend was pretty low-key!  I got work done on Saturday and relaxed yesterday.  MIL came over for a bit yesterday.  

    To do this week:
    1.  Write a research paper
    2.  Staff meeting today
    3.  Detention duty Tu-Th
    4.  Curriculum release day on Thursday
    5.  Keep reminding myself that after this week, there will only be 24 school days left
    6.  Play the waiting game with the interview I had
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  • Morning! Weekend was good! Went to the park and a party so we had fun and enjoyed the weather!

    To do this week:
    1. Oil change and bumper replacement today!
    2. Pick up professional experience form
    3. make some pinterest recipes for some friends coming over on Wed.
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  • Good Monday morning, ladies! Weekend was pretty good, but short. H and I were both feeling pretty sick on Saturday and actually slept most of the day, unintentionally! We also tried to straighten up the house a little. Yesterday, I went to a bridal shower for his cousin's fiance. It was nice. Then finished off the weekend with dinner and margaritas with friends. Don't really have my to do list together for this week yet, haha... but so far I know I need the following: 1. Bday card for friend we're going out to dinner with on Wed. 2. Haircut? hopefully 3. Send out some more resumes/applications. 4. Pack for the beach... FYI, it's KBH move in weekend next weekend! Will post pics when I have them... and I hope to heaven we have wifi down there!
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  • Katie--I can't believe the KBH is ready! I feel like it was just yesterday we were talking about it. 

    Weekend was good. Got a hair cut, mani/pedi, did some errands. I just keep thinking that every day is going to be my last day to get stuff done for awhile. Weird feeling.

    This week:
    Get bday card for BIL and send gift. 
    Send out Mother's Day cards
    Get paperwork together for refinance 
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  • Good morning ladies. It's opera tech week and I feel like I got hit by a train today. My body has a hard time handling multiple nights in a row of less than 7 hours of sleep, and I've done that for the past three nights now, plus singing a super long role last night.

    On the other hand, our director is really happy with it and complimented me and my co-lead a lot last night for taking it to the next level. Plus our costumes are gorgeous! Here are my stage partner and I:

    Things to accomplish this week:
    1. Survive and enjoy the process!
    2. Sleep
    3. Drink lots of water
    4. Grocery shopping
    5. Laundry
    6. Work on term paper
  • Weekend was good. I went to BFFs house to visit her, the new baby and my goddaughter (and her H). It was a lot of fun and the baby is so cute. She's been sleeping really well and eating well too. My goddaughter is getting so big and was cracking me up the whole time. My favorite line of hers from Saturday was right after the baby started crying. She looked at me, sighed and said, "My baby sister cries all day long," I could not stop laughing.. it was adorable!

    Things to do this week:
     - JL meeting tonight
     - Make a baby :)
     - Start (and hopefully finish) The Great Gatsby before Friday
     - Lift at least once this week 
     - Complete Week 6 of C25K

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  • Weekend was pretty good. It was low key, and not much got done because of all the rain we have had since Friday. It's still raining now. Ugh..... To do Clean the house Go to foot doctor Get a wax Finish up state testing at school Run 5k on Saturday Run a few more times...
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  • Ahh Monday you came again...
    Katie - Yay for KBH! 

    The weekend was half spent in Puerto Rico but that meant vacation ended, so a very good weekend. 
    To do this week:
    -Run and bike
    -Re-work my resume
    -Start class for the summer semester, but I'm excited for this one
    -Figure out a Mother's Day gift
  • In Response to Re: ~MORNING!!~:
    [QUOTE]Weekend was good, today, not so much.  
    Posted by JessieSullivan[/QUOTE]

    Hope everything is okay, Jessie.
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