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July 2011 Weddings

Good morning!

I really wish I could sleep in on weekends.  I first woke up before 6 but managed to go back to sleep until a little before 7.  I guess that is sleeping in if I normally get up at 5!  Even DH just got up, and he usually sleeps until 9 on weekends!

We don't have much to do today.  I have to go get gas at some point two towns over (4ish miles away) because it's about 20¢ cheaper there, and DH wants to stop at a place that has super yummy donuts.  Then it's back here to get some work done.  I need to find some research articles for my paper I need to write this week.  

I talked to DH last night about Mothers Day.  I pretty much told him that we're going to NH on Saturday and coming back Sunday afternoon so he can make arrangements to see his mother Sunday afternoon.  My mom is in MA all week helping my cousin with her two kids while her parents are in Aruba and she's not going to want to go from there directly here after being gone for a whole week and dealing with two very challenging kids.  

Oh - and in Baby-Q updates, TP has now taken over the planning, telling PSIL "you're not supposed to plan your own shower!"  They're still trying to pick the date, with one of them being a day that DH and I will NOT be attending.  TP sent out an email with 3 dates and so far everyone else is most interested in the one date that we can't make.  I definitely won't shed a tear if that's the day they go with.  DH is a little hurt though...he's already told his sisters that day won't work, but they continue to leave it on the table as a possible option.  

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Re: Good morning!

  • Good morning! We are up early too. We have been up since 6. We took Abby for a walk and then I just got done cooking breakfast. Not a lot on the agenda today. I want to go outside and do a little weeding if I feel up to it.
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  • Hi ladies.  I did the grocery shopping and am now just waiting until we leave for brunch meeting up with MIL and FIL.  I am looking forward to seeing them as we haven't had any time alone with them in quite a while.  It's always some holiday where the house is in chaos.  I hope the food is good too as we've only been to this restaurant for dinner in the past.  Not too much on the plan for today.  I will go to the gym later but that's about it, maybe a drive to Trader Joes to pick up a couple things.  

    Holly, I like your mother's day plan.  And I hope they pick the date you can't make it for your sake for the party.  I'm surprised your dh would even want to go to a shower.  I want to tear my eyes out at every shower I go to.  lol.  I hate them.  I do feel bad I'm missing my SIL's shower in June, but it's the same date as the memorial bike ride for my dad.  
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    They only thing "baby shower" about this party is that there will be gifts involved.  No games.  No "cutesy girl stuff".  Just a BBQ with guys and girls where people bring gifts.  

    And on a related baby-note, but nothing to do with either SIL, a FB friend of mine just posted the link to her baby registry.  Undecided
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  • Hello ladies!  I hope everyones' past week went well1  We returned from Puerto RIco last night, so thus far I have done a few loads of laundry, vacuumed and did a necessity trip to the grocery store.  While it was a great trip for the most part, I am so glad to be home, nine days was a long time to be away.  I need to get a few other things done around the house and get set for the new semester that starts this week.   Oh yeah... Mother's Day, I suppose I need to figure that out as well. 
  • Morning Girls!
    Lydia-Welcome back!! Any good stories from PR? How about some pics??

    DH just left with Faith to go look at mulch and stuff for landscaping so I could get some things done around here. We are going to a party around noonish at my ex-roommate's which should be fun. We are bringing our Margarita making machine that we haven't used in forever!! I'm excited. Cool Happy Cinco de Mayo!
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  • Good morning ladies! I'm sitting on the couch trying to enjoy the calm before the storm of tech week. I'm supposed to be downtown at 11 to help load stuff into the theater, but as it's 9:45 and I'm still in pjs, that's probably not happening. After load-in we have another Sitzprobe, which is a rehearsal where the orchestra plays and we just sit and sing. It's for the other cast today (my cast did ours last week), but I have to sing in the chorus on my off-night. Then this evening my cast has our first tech rehearsal on the stage with the set and costumes and everything. It's going to be a long day, and hopefully my voice will be functioning by 5:00 this evening.

    Happy Cinco de Mayo, if you're celebrating! Have a margarita for me!
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    Thanks Nickey! 

    We saw and did a lot while we were there sine we stayed in three different towns - went hiking in the rainforest which was gorgeous, spent just enough time at the beach and pool, wandered Old San Juan two of the days, took a ferry to Viques, a smaller island, ziplined for the first time, but my favorite part was the bio-luminescense bay.  We did a kayak tour to it at night and it was just phenomenal, one of the most amazing sights I've ever seen, whenever the water is agitated the bioluminescent bacteria light up. 

    I'm not sure I have any stories but, they are absolutely terrible at driving there, and there were five or six instances where when ordering food we either didn't get an item we ordered at all, or got something we didn't order despite clarification and them speaking perfect English and writing the order down.  But the food was awesome, as was the coffee, I stayed well caffinated!   It was however a very very different place than most that I've been to.

    Trying to approach an iguana...

    On a tower in the rainforest:

    A completely bizzare/hilarious ad that I had to take a picture of..  and yes, they are women peeing like men

  • Hi Lydia, glad you guys had fun.  Sounds like you got to do a lot.  Did you guys stay in Isla Verde at all?  If so, did you end up eating at Metropol?  I wish we had got to the rainforest when we went.  
  • Lydia,looks like a great trip! Afternoon ladies! I was up at 7:30 to go to the grocery store, and then came back and went for a run. We went to Granny's for lunch, and are now hanging out at home while I'm doing the rest of the laundry. Not much else on the agenda. It's been raining here and cool all weekend, so not much has gone on all weekend. We did manage to order some tile for our kitchen/foyer/dining room last night. Other than that, nada. Have a great rest of the day ladies!
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