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Good morning

Hi ladies.  How's everyone this morning?  Dh and I went out for dinner last night at our fave Mexican place.  It was packed!!!!  I guess people wanted to celebrate Cinco de Mayo early.  We had to wait about 20 min but it was worth it.  Today I'm getting a wax and then need to go to the gym.  That's about all on my plan.  Hope you guys have a great day.

Re: Good morning

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    Good morning!

    DH just left for his run.  He hasn't been running much lately so I'm not sure how long he'll be gone.  We have to run errands a little later this morning, including a stop at our usual Friday night restaurant because he left his cell phone there last night.  Thank goodness we're known there...our waitress realized it was his phone when she opened up the contacts list and she texted me with his phone to let me know it was there.  They don't open until 4 but she said someone is there by 10 so we hope we can get it then.

    After errands it's back here to finish up some work for my course.  
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  • Morning ladies! I am at Max's training right now watching H try and get him to listen! H has to go home and do some yard work while I do the normal Saturday cleaning routine inside. Heading to Target later and then we are going to the movies. Most likely IM3 which isn't my first choice but H really wants to see it.
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  • hcorr34hcorr34 member
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    Holy crap Jess...you could literally go any day now right?  And Kerry too, right?

    Man time flies!
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  • Morning ladies! Yes, Holly, it could be any day now. I think I am going to go late based on my last dr appt but we'll see. Last night we went to niece's musical and went out to dinner. I have already been to the grocery store this morning. I spent over $200---eek! I stocked up on a lot of stuff just in case! I have to take Abby to the vet this morning bc she was up all night licking her butt and scooching. I swear--there is always something with this dog. I also have a hair appt at 12:45.
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  • Hi ladies. I know I've been MIA but I thought I would stop in and say hi! We are at Starbucks now on our walk with the dog this morning. Then we are heading to Hs grandmas house to clean and put gas in the car and probably wash the car. She's really struggling since Hs grandpa passed away so we've been there a lot trying to keep her moving. Unfortunately I don't think we will have another free weekend for a while. I'm okay with it but H really wants her to be more independent. We will see. Hope you all have a great day!
  • Good morning ladies! I'm feeling great today. Last night's concert was AMAZING! I felt great about how I sang, and I was completely blown away by the response and the compliments that I got from people I knew as well as people I didn't know. I still feel like I'm floating!

    A couple of my cousins are here this weekend, for the concert and some other stuff, so we went out last night and they slept here. They're both gone for the day on their various activities, H is volunteering at a church thing, and I'm off to do an audition and a gig and to watch a competition today.
  • Sorry Kerry, the visual of Abby made me laugh.  Poor thing.  Hunter is lounging away in the sun.  I decided to go for a bike ride today instead of going to the gym.  It's just way too nice out.  I was going to use that map my run site but I'm too lazy to sign up for an account and all that.  So I just googled a business in my town to see how far it was.  It's a little over 4 miles, so I'm going to ride there and back.  That will be good.  Hopefully it's not too hilly.  This town has some crazy hills.  

    This morning I went to the flower store to get some pansies and some guy came up to me asking if I had a coupon.  I said no, so he gave me one and it was so nice!  I got 8 flats of them for $8.  Total score.  
  • Good morning! I've had a stupid ear infection since MONDAY and it's driving me up the wall. My doctor gave me the strongest prescription she could on Wednesday cause she doesn't want it to get worse or have me get a fever so the pain has gone away but it still just feels swollen and heavy on the whole left side of my head and I can't hear well and it's just so annoying!!! Bah! My big vent of the day. We are finally getting beautiful weather and today we are headed to a friends house in the city who's hosting just a come when you want all afternoon and evening BBQ. So probably run a couple small errands first then head there! Hope everyone has a good one!
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