My fiancée and I are coming from Las Vegas to have our wedding in Pittsburgh on 11-5-11.  We want something with the beautiful nature of Pittsburgh (the fall leaves and the river)  However, due to the unpredictable weather of Pittsburgh in November; we hesitate to have an outdoor ceremony.  We want our pictures and possible the whole wedding to be outside with the trees and river (if possible) and we want our ceremony/reception near downtown due to many guests coming from out of town.  What are some good locations that show off the trees of fall and the river where we could have our ceremony/reception?  Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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    I don't have a lot of venue suggestions, but I would definitely not get married outside in Pittsburgh in November! I know the LeMont gets recommended on here a lot- has a great view of the city. There's also the Gateway Clipper fleet. Hopefully other ladies will chime in.

    ETA: Here's the link to the recommended vendor list- lots of venues are on here. 
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    I agree with Kim - Nov in Pittsburgh can be really iffy. I would definitely suggest somewhere indoors like LeMont (as Kim said) because you have the spectacular view, but are still indoors. You can always look into getting married (weather permitting) at the west end overlook then going to LeMont for your reception? Although, if it were me, I'd stay away from the outdoor ceremony all together. There is also the Sheraton Station Square ballroom that has a great view of the river/city.

    You can also do Phipps Conservatory - It's BEAUTIFUL around the holidays and sits right along Schenley Park so you would have a great view of the beautiful colored trees (if the leaves havent all fallen by then). It's just generally a beautiful space.

    I also did a quick Google search and the found the Mansion at Maple Heights - seems like you can do a tented thing there and it looks beautiful

    Schenley Park Visitors Center also came up - it seems to have a tented space if you wanted a semi-outdoor thing, but again, Pittsburgh in Nov can be really cold. It seems to be a really small space though - I don't know the # of guests you are expecting.

    here's a blog I found:

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    I'd agree with the above and say November can be really hit or miss with weather.  It might not be worth the stress to plan an outdoor event and then have to worry about backup.

    I'm looking at both LeMont and the Gateway Clipper because they will allow guests to see the city well.  You could also hold your event at some of the Oakland venues (Twentieth Century Club, Pittsburgh Athletic Association, Phipps) but have your pictures taken in Schenley Park so you can get the fall colors in your photos.   I'm not sure if the Pittsburgh Center for the Arts holds weddings after October, but that's beautiful and will give you access to Mellon Park for pictures.
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