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wedding in under 7 weeks - invites

We had to change the date of our wedding because of FH work it is now June 22nd 2013

We picked the date after very very quickly checking with immediate family that they were available.

But what do we do about invites. We have none

it is just under 7 weeks away 

Do we have to put an apology on the invite? or phase it in such a a certain way?
We are going to have to make them ourselves so it will take time to get together peoples address and print and send them etc

Re: wedding in under 7 weeks - invites

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    thanks do have a date as have booked the ceremony need to find a venue to fit that. I'm spending all today phoning and seeing possible venues that are available also I'm going to buy.some blank cards to use as invites. thanks for all your help i will be back
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