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Bringing a Guest to a Wedding

Here is my situation. I was invited to an old friend from high school's wedding back home. We were good friends back in the day but college and adult life as caused us to drift apart, but we always make time to have dinner and catch up when I return home for holidays and vacation. I was invited to her wedding with an "and guest." Unfortunately, my boyfriend has had a long standing trip planned for that same weekend and cannot attend with me. I was wondering, since I was invited with an "and guest" would it be OK for me to invite a platonic friend as a date, especially since I will only know a few people at this wedding? I would very much like to bring my gay best male friend who also attended high school with us and was friends with the bride. What is the appropriate etiquette for this situation? 

Re: Bringing a Guest to a Wedding

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    If the invitation was addressed to 'and guest' then you can bring whoever you want.
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    Thank you! I know that its fine for single guests to bring whoever they please, but I wasn't sure if it changed once you were in a relationship. 
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    "Guest"=whomever you want. 
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