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Paying at the salon

So I'm not sure this is an etiquette question, but wasn't sure where else to put it... As background: I'm getting my hair done at my usual salon for my wedding. Since it is convenient to the venue I offered to make appointments for the bridesmaids to also get their hair done there if they wanted - many are from out of town and not sure where else to go. I made it very clear in the email that I sent out that they do NOT have to get their hair done there, or done professionally at all, or they are free to use any salon they chose if they do want to get professional hair done - entirely up to them! I also sent them the salon website so they could "see the services and prices" available in making their decision.
Now my question is, does this make it clear enough that I'm not paying for hair (just not in my budget) or do I need to say it. A few girls got back to me and want their hair done there so I booked the appointments, and some do not and will do their own hair. Also my mom and fmil will be at the same salon. Am I good here? Just trying to avoid awkwardness on the day!

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    100% fine.  You definitely made it clear (to me anyways) that you are not paying without just coming righ out and saying it.

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    If you confirm the appointments, maybe point out what forms of payment they take?
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    That's exactly what did with my BMs and nails (said, I'll be getting my nails done here at this time, if you'd like to come let me know so I can make an appointment. Manicures are $X, pedicures are $Y) Everyone except one BM decided to go (last BM couldn't get off work that early since it was before the rehearsal) and I didn't have a problem with anyone not knowing I wasn't paying.
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    this is what I am doing! I am very excited because my stylist who doesnt normally work on saturdays agreed to come in and do my hair for my wedding! 
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    In Response to Re: Paying at the salon:
    [QUOTE]If you confirm the appointments, maybe point out what forms of payment they take?
    Posted by sydaries[/QUOTE]

    This is a good idea. Maybe a couple of days before your appointments, send out a "confirmation email" to all teh girls.... Say something along the lines of, 

    "Okay ladies! Just a reminder about our Hair/Makeup appointment times at the Salon.
    Here are the times: ______________________. Also! A heads up; they take payment by Cash, Debit & Credit only, but no checks. 

    I can't wait! XOXO!"

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    Thanks to all, as always, for the great advice! :-)
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