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Flash photography?

Another post made me think of this... Our minister has said that there should be no flash photography during the ceremony. Is there a way to appropriately let my guests know this? My photographer said most churches have this rule and he is able to work around it but what about guests?

Re: Flash photography?

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    kipnuskipnus member
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    Our pastor mentioned it at the start of the ceremony. NBD.
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    kerbohlkerbohl member
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    [QUOTE]I would let the minister announce it at the beginning of the ceremony, or if you have programs, put in a line stating that the church doesn't permit flash photography in there.
    Posted by Liatris2010[/QUOTE]

    Ditto this.  It's what I'm doing as well. 

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    My good friend is a Baptist minister and performs a boatload of weddings.  He always comes out ahead of the groom and the rest of the processional and reminds guests to turn off all cellphones, and that there is no flash photography.  Have your officient do that as well as putting it in your program.
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    What if its not a church rule, (I'm not getting married in a church) but something that I would like to be mentioned? Tacky or okay?
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