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18 April 2013 - Final thoughts and Pics

we had the most amazing time, my stand out people were Scheme, PJ Clarkes, Harmony and Todd, I cannot recommend them enough!!

A few tips for Las Vegas:
  • Don't bring too many heels, I barely wore all the heels I brought with me.
  • Stay hydrated, I drank too much alcohol and not enought water, my nose started hurting and bleeding and lips were chapped within a day.
  • Don't plan too much stuff to do - We barely had time to sit down, everyone wanted to see us, join us, etc.. and I just had to accept that I was not going to get to see and do the stuff I wanted to.
  • Get a DOC coordiantor, stuff went wrong I never would have predicted.
  • Don't be afraid to ask people on the day to do things for you.
  • Leave your dignity at the door, I had to get all the way out of my dress to go to the bathroom, no bra and spanx, thank you brdesmaids, they took it in turns.
  • Try and take a few moments to have fun together, we finally got to walk the strip on our last night.
  • See a show, we went to the Beatle LOVE on the last night with all our guests and everyone loved it, it was a perfect way to end the week.
  • Good luck!!!!!!!
 will post some of Todd's when I get them.

Re: 18 April 2013 - Final thoughts and Pics

  • LOVE your hair and makeup! You look beautiful! Also, LOVE your bouquets. Congrats again and so happy everything went great on your day Smile

  • Congrats! Thanks for the reviews glad everything went pretty awesome. The pictures are amazing you are beautiful
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  • Oh my gosh Hon, delete the part with the password and change the password in Yahoo! We don't need it to view the pics and it can let people access that Yahoo account.

    You and your ladies look lovely (of course you're loveliest of all), and everyone looks like they're having a great time.
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  • Congrats! Thank you for all the reviews!
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  • Thanks for the reviews!!! You look fab and I'm glad you enjoyed yourself. Thanks for the confirmation about p.j. Clarke's as I plan to use them.
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