Happy Saturday!

Happy Saturday ladies!  I'm so excited, I flew in to Pittsburgh last night so I can venue visit this weekend.  It was extra nice b/c I haven't seen FI due to his travel schedule since last weekend, and he met me at the airport.  It never falis, everytime I come from the airport through the tunnel, I am wowed to see that breathtaking view of the city.  Los Angeles is nice, but I do love P'Burgh.

But sheesh, its FREEZING here!  And what's with all this white stuff on the ground?  :)

Anyone have exciting plans this weekend? 

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    I would imagine that compared to LA, it IS freezing here.  To us, it's a heat wave!  ;-)   I know what you mean about seeing the city for the first time when you come back.  When I lived on the other side of the state for a while, I'd have a countdown on the Pkw East - I knew just where to start it so that when I hit one I came around a bend and the city came into view, and I knew I was home!

    Nothing really exciting this weekend except my niece's baptism. 

    Hope you get lots accomplished while you're in!
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    Hope you get a ton done in Pittsburgh!  I'm coming in to town next weekend to get some stuff done.  This weekend I'm trying to get a few things done-I have my programs down at Staples now printing so I can take the next few weeks and cut them and assemble them-it's going to be quite the project.
    Otherwise, not too much going on this weekend.
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    I'm glad you could still come this weekend- I'm assuming you got the travel date resolved with Orbitz? Good luck, have fun checking out venues! DH and I just got back from grocery shopping, and we were at the St. Patty's Day parade in Alexandria- it was fun, but a bit chilly, since we were standing in the shade the whole time.
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