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hotel block closes before RSVP date?

our hotel block closes a month before the wedding but our RSVP date is a week and a half after that. 

we have a lot of guests invited from out of town (75%).  we sent STD's with our website and said something like visit our website for addtional information including accomodation information.  our invites included a card with the hotel name, number, and the date the block closes and also the website again. 

my question is would you personally contact guests who have RSVP'ed yes but appear to not have a room or guests that have not RSVP'ed yet but have indicated that they are coming from out of town and appear to not have a room? 

or we have given them plenty of opportunities to book and made them well aware of the date so just let it go?

Re: hotel block closes before RSVP date?

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    They're adults. They can make their own travel plans... You have given them the info to work with.
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    Did you know when the hotel block was going to close before sending out invitations?

    When I booked my venue, in our contract it said when the rooms in the hotel block were going to be released to the public, so fi and I chose our RSVP date to be before that date to ensure our guests have a chance to book rooms.

    As for your question, I think you provided them with the necessary information, now it's up to them to book stuff themselves. 
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    So your RSVP date is a week and a half after the room block closes?  So that means your guests would have had their invitations in hand for about a month if not more right?

    I think you have provided them with more then enough time and with the right information that you do not need to contact anyone.  Did you make the deadline for the room block clear on both your invite inserts and your wedding website?  If so then you are fine.

    They are adults and can make their own travel plans.  If they miss out on the room block rate then they miss out.

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    You've given them all of the info you can - now it's their responsibility to make travel plans. If they wait until the last minute to make reservations, they can pay full price at a hotel or do a Priceline bid.
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    I agree that your guests have enough info and time to make their reservations, however, I was in a similar situation and was able to negotiate with the hotel so that the block closed the same day as the RSVP date. 

    Many of our guests are already making their reservations, and the wedding is six months out.  Yours will be fine. 
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    I would be a bit irritated if you called me to ask if I'd booked my room in the block yet. They're adults and have been made aware of the room block info and deadline. They've either procrastinated or they've decided to stay somewhere else. I'd just let it go. Don't take on more stress than necessary. :)
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    For the most part, I wouldn't contact them. They have the information in hand. Many may have even found a cheaper hotel or one where they are enrolled in a rewards program. It might seem naggy to ask them about this.

    I say "for the most part," because I might contact someone if it's an immediate family member, best friend, or someone who specifically told me they want to stay there.
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    thanks everyone!  that's what I thought but the hotel rep we are working with sent an email with other questions they said I see there are a lot of rooms left and FI got worried!  

    just to answer everyone, yes the date was clearly on the invitation information and they have had the invitation for a good month now. 

    @Stage - I do know that a few friends got deals through like travelocity that has their flight, car, and hotel and can easily assume other friends might have done the same thing and just not asked my opinion about the hotel location, etc. which is totally fine.

    thanks again everyone! 
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    They've got all of the information.  People who don't yet know whether they can attend may be waiting to book rooms, they may have found another place to stay, etc.  Don't worry about it.

    We have no intention of staying in the hotels blocked for a wedding this summer.  The blocks expire before we can make a 100% commitment (and the RSVP date is crazy early, too).  The prices were not listed but based on the hotels they are most likely out of our comfortable spending range.  Plus, we travel with at least one dog because my family's dogs go where we go unless we are traveling by plane, and it would be much more expensive to board or hire a pet sitter.  I'm sure other OOT guests will stay in the blocks, but we are not able to do so.
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    One of our blocks expired 2 months prior and one 1 month.

    The 2 month block was for our VIPs and BP, we did call those folks to remind them because we wanted to be sure they got in that particular hotel.

    Overall PPs are right, they are adults, you've given them the info, let them be.


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