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I am trying to get some ideas for a Wedding ceremony with three mothers included equally.  So that no one gets left out. I want to do a Unity Candle and a Sand Ceremony.  My Fiances parents are the ones divorced and both have been remarried.  Does anyone have any ideas?  Thanks

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    Can you have each mom or parent put in a small part of the sand?
    Disclaimer: Please excuse the above comment. I'm probably freaking out because there is less than one month to go. Thank you.
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    Is one a step mom and the other two are biological moms? How about you have the stepmother cary the unity sand container to the table where it will be and have the other two pour some sand. Or have stepmother be totally in charge of sand and the biological moms in charge of the unity candle?
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    I like the idea of having each mom pour in just a little amount. That way everyone's equal
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