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**zoberg** (and anyone else who loves dogs)

Per my PM about fosters... hhre are a few of my super scary, previously abused rescue dogs that couldn't POSSIBLY be rehabbed or saved. 

Ellie:  Ellie was found on the freeway about a 1/2 mile away from a notorious boxer puppy mill.  She was shot with a tranquilizer dart to save her from being hit by a car.  She had never lived in a house and was terrified of every noise, the hardwood floors, people and other dogs.  She was completely confused and afraid of her own shadow.  We startled her once on accident, and she literally sh!t herself. I kept her for 3 years before she died of a brain tumor.  I still miss her.



Ellie After



Mama: (Mama was found with a horrible skin condition and had an infection in her blood, probably caused by parasites and/or bacteria somehow. We kept her for about a month and got her back to health and then found an adoptive home for her.

Before (she was SO miserable)


Mama After


Hector before: (he was found tied up outside a McDonalds and his skin was totally sunburnt. His nose is still scarred from the sunburn). We still have Hector.  We didn't do a foster with him, we just adopted him outright.


Hector after:



Oji: Oji was found with Mama. We think he may have been her pup. He was in decent shape, but had a similar skin infection and he was very timid. We only had him for about a week before we found him an adoptive home.




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