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As promised, your new KG!

Hi Knotties!


So, remember when I promised you a full-time person who will be your advocate and their only focus would be on the boards and TK members?


Well – she is here! Introducing @KnotPorscha!


Knot Irene and I will be sticking around – but she is going to be handling the day-to-day community needs. So, while she gets comfortable and acclimated, please page “KGs” (Knot gods, obvi) on threads and one of us will respond.


Give her a warm (and drama-free) welcome!!



Re: As promised, your new KG!

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    Hi Everyone! I am excited to be here. Please @tag me or PM if you need anything :)
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    I think I figured out the problem with the tagging system so far.  If you have spaces in your name, it doesn't account for them.  So, if I tag @KnotPorscha, she doesn't exist because her name isn't KnotPorscha.  If I tag @Knot Porscha, it only catches the Knot, and that's not a person.
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