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Photographer for under $1500

I'm looking for a photographer for under $1500 in the Williamstown/Deptford NJ area. Preferably someone for all day (or close to it). I'm only interested in a disc of all my images with full copyright--not an album or any prints.

Any recommendations will be beyond helpful so I can stress a little less!

Re: Photographer for under $1500

  • We actually ended up using an out of town photographer from where we currently live (central pa) since it was cheaper to pay her travel rate to Deptford than it was to hire a NJ photographer. We booked her in her first year of business, so she was very inexpensive, but even though her rates have gone up, she'd be just a *teeny* bit over your budget - with travel charge, it looks like it would be about $1535 or so for a full day of photography. Her name is Melissa, and her website is . She's absolutely wonderful to work with!
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    I looked at Love Bug Images out of Philly.  They start at $1650 WITH an album.  You could probably negotiate down if you don't want an album.

    You could also try finding a photog on craiglist that will do it for cheap if they're trying to build up their book.
  • Check out Josh Johnston in the Medford area. He's just starting out with weddings, but he's doing mine for a very reasonable price and I have him for the whole day. He hasn't changed his page to include wedding info, but check out some of his pics at
    He's a good guy and his photos are AMAZING
  • Check out Nicole Nurthen photography. Really works with you.!/
  • My photographer is laura leigh photo. Great photographs, offers several different packages, good prices (especially if you don't want albums and just the disc).
  • I'm using Jillian Kathryn Photography. She's well within that price range and you get a ton of stuff for it. The engagement session was included and she was great, I loved our pictures and she designed and ordered our save the dates as part of the package as well. So far I've been very pleased.
  • I amusing Dave Humphreys out of Haddonfield. His packages are very reasonable and in plain site on his website. He has two packages within your price range

    Perfect Day photography also has a package in that range.

  • I used Dave Humphreys for my first wedding - LOVED him!!!  Thinking of using him again.  Very friendly, fading into the background, not pushy at all.
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    I agree - not pushy! and he works with you on price and when payments are due so that's great!
  • You should definitely check out Steve Lemak - he was FANTASTIC and he was exactly what you are looking for.  We had him from 2 - 8:30 and it was under $1,000.

    You won't be disappointed.
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