10 Unbelievable Wedding & Marriage Records

I just saw this story on yahoo as I was browsing the news. Some of it's sweet, some gross (IMO at the 105 year old man marrying a 22 year old woman), and some just strange. Enjoy! 

Re: 10 Unbelievable Wedding & Marriage Records

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    Thanks for posting Kim!  These are interesting statistics!  Could you imagine being 1,290lbs and marrying a woman 110lbs?!
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    55 million dollars for a wedding!? Some people just get completely ridiculous!!  This is about the union of two people- there really is no need for the ridiculous things people are spending money on.  And it really takes away from the true meaning of why your guests are even there. 
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    Hahaha this is my favorite part: "The six-day extravaganza, which included a reenactment of the couple's courtship and a performance by Kylie Minogue..."  Hilarious!  So can I have a reenactment of my courtship at the wedding, guys?  :)

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