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Ceremony and Reception in the same room?

Have any of you done this?  We are looking for a venue and nothing I'm finding is really what we want and I can't see spending 800+ for something I don't really like.  We're getting married on St. Patrick's day and live in Michigan so something outside is OUT of the question, unfortunately.
The reception hall is one big room, tables are set up and there is a riser area for the wedding party, thinking of maybe setting up chairs on the dance floor and having the ceremony on the riser, serving cocktails and snacks to guests and resetitng everything while the wedding party goes to take pictures for an hour or so?  Does this sound like a yay or nay thing to anyone else. Just looking for some opinions, ideas and suggestions. Need all the help we can get, and my fiancee just wants me to be happy so he says "whatever you want".

Thanks Everyone!!!!
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