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10K Budget Venues - Newly Engaged


My wedding is a few years away, but we are already looking into venues to help us officially set a date and budget. Looking in Miami/Broward/Boca.

My fiance and I are looking for a venue for the ceremony and reception. We are having a small wedding and expect about 50 to 70 guests. 
I'd like to spent 10K on the venue rental and food.

Does anyone have an suggestions for venues in the 10K price range? (and also know F&B minimums for these venues)

Right now some of the venues we like best are:

1. The Cooper Estate (Redlands)
2. The Addison (Boca)
3. La Jolla Ballroom (Coral Gables)
4. Cocoplum (Coconut Grove)
5. W Fort Lauderdale

We are looking to be married in either late January or Mid March. In the evening, on a Saturday. 

Thank you in advance for feedback.

Re: 10K Budget Venues - Newly Engaged

  • F&B minimums vary depending on day and time, so you really have to ask each venue, depending on the month or day of the week, it can vary greatly...I don't know much about the venues you listed, but I looked at the Addison and I believe their minimums for a Sat night are over that....Sometimes it's not that much cheaper having a small wedding when you have to meet a minimum regardless...I only have about 70-75 people and I ran into that problem even though my wedding is on a Sunday, where the minimum is less...I recommend emailing each venue individually, tell them what you are looking for and if they offer something in your budget
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    I agree with @empiregrl5 but I what about thalatta estates or new dawn at cutler bay or the womens club in the gables I'm not sure what the feel you are going for or if you want all inclusive or to bring in your own vendors . I hope that helped .. Ps when are you getting married I'm on mobile so I can't really see that

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  • Thank you. I'm going to start visiting venues soon. We haven't decided on an exact date yet, but it wouldn't be for another year and a half at least. I don't mind all inclusive or bringing my own vendors.
  • Also, Cocoplum on a Saturday will be over $10k. Also, keep in mind that even though you plan to get married in the future....the prices of venues do tend to increase. You may be given a price this year and it can be higher the following if you decide to book the venue. It's something to keep in mind.

    Places I would suggest to check out are: Thalatta Estate, Miami Beach Botanical Gardens, Pinecrest Gardens, B Ocean, Soho Events, and The Links on Key Biscayne.
  • Old School Davie House to rent is 1500.00, then you bring in your own food and drink, they have a tiki bar you can get married out there then go upstairs and they have round tables and chairs, you will just need to rent linens, but I'm sure your caterer can bring all that. A friend of mine is having a small wedding and she book her venue @ Floridian ballroom.   
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    Flagler Museum is another beautiful location in Palm Beach. Your best bet would be to contact the venues you are interested in for their prices and minimums.
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  • HI there! I am on that same boat... that's my budget and I can't find a venue that I like without being sucked into the contract with a specific restaurant. I want to choose my food, decor, etc. but it's tough to get a location to even be byob! open to suggestions...
  • deerfield beach wyndham you could easily come in under 10k
  • Thanks for all the info
  • Kladino...I recently visited the tower club. Although you have to go with their food and beverages. I have heard good things about their food and they seem very accommodating. Their FB minimum is 6,000. They're remodeling though, so the new look won't be done till next summer.
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