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Wedding Color ideas-- Not sure if my original thought will work

I'm getting married in November 2013 and am second guessing my color choices We are about halfway through planning and have ceremony, venue, wedding dress, bridesmaid dresses and full guest list set.  My problem: still not 100% sure the wedding color scheme, I picked will work together.  The bridesmaid dresses are a deep teal ("tealness" by Alfred Angelo).  I was hoping to pair that with a chocolate brown & rusty orange, but am starting to second guess myself.  I wanted something for fall, but still elegant.  I don't have what one would refer to as a "theme" other than cozy, simple and elegant.  

I keep having friends that joke I picked Caribbean/ Miami Dolphins colors.  Definitely not my style, so now I'm starting to second guess everything, but the bridesmaid dress colors.   

Thoughts on this color scheme? Looking for input. 

Still trying to figure out bridesmaids shoes as well. I initially thought silver, but some bridesmaids are advocating for white and black too. 

Thanks for the input.

Re: Wedding Color ideas-- Not sure if my original thought will work

  • I've seen the teal and chocolate brown and it works great together.  What is your reception venue like?  I don't think you necessarily need to incorporate too much of another color depending on the look you are going for.
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    I agree that perhaps the venue might help you decide.  We had gone with black, ivory and burgundy. I wanted silver accents, but the venue had gold accents everywhere...so I left out the metallics =)

    To narrow down the right shades, I used colourlovers.com to create a palate.  Perhaps do that??  You can mess around with different colors and find out what you like with the teal.

    I think black or grey would be a nice touch with a rich dark purple.  You could also do brown and teal and have very minimal dark orange flower accents... to make it less "miami" and more "fall"?

  • Thanks for the suggestions.  The house color for the venue is a deep chocolate brown color.  When I saw it, I knew it would go perfectly with the dresses.  I did want the deeper rusty orange for the flowers to make it more fall like.  I think keeping those accents to a minimum is a great idea.  I will be sure to meet with my florists soon to discuss options.  
  • I think those colors sound beautiful. Little "pops" of orange would be perfect.
  • My BM dresses will be a seafoam/seamist color and we will also be using pops of orange
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