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so my fi got one of the groomsmen a computer games as a gift. now he has given me the task of getting something for his best man (his cousin) and other groomsman (fbil) i have no idea what to get these guys. i am confused on what to get them, i dont really want to do the typical flask/money holder/cufflinks. i was thinking more of something to do with bbq cause they both love to bbq and eat. 

help please!
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Re: Groomsmen gifts

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    Why are you tasked with getting his groomsmen something?  It's HIS best man, HIS wedding party members, HIS cousin. That's his job, not yours. I mean, seriously, they are his friends. If he doesn't know what to get them, how the hell does he expect you to?

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  • Tell him to get them himself. I'm sure he can figure out something.

  • Ditto.  Your FI needs to figure this one out on his own.
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