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July 2011 Weddings

Board Closing - Thank you!

All wedding month boards eventually come to an end and we have kept the July 2011 board live during our recent changes because you are all so active. This board will be going away on May 31st. Please continue your conversation on the July 2011 anniversary board on The Nest:http://community.thenest.com/cs/ks/forums/15295469/ShowForum.aspx

Re: Board Closing - Thank you!

  • Hi @JessieSullivan! You can still use your Knot Account if you plan on moving to The Nest. If you'd like to completely delete your account can you please PM me? Thanks!

  • Can I ask why? Like why are you closing out the old month boards? It seems a little silly to me to do that if the board is still quite active. If we had wanted to move to the nest, we would have a long time ago. We chose not to because the format over there sucked even more then it does here. We have all figured out other ways to stay in touch, so it's  not like you just ruined all our friendships or anything, but I don't think I understand the "customer service" at TK and wonder how the company comes up with these decisions and what on earth some of them would be based on? (ie continuing to change the format and causing more and more IT issues that take 6 months to fix, deleting active boards, censoring random things then censoring nothing, having lots of TK gods on the boards, none of which actually answer when you page them, etc).

  • Also? Can I ask why you didn't plan to tell us BEFORE we complained and wrote in and asked that our board stay? Why would you just delete it without any warning so we could all regroup and find another place to go? Luckily we all stayed in touch outside of here and could figure it out...but what if we didn't? Or what if not every one did? What if we didn't know the nest board existed? You were just going to leave us high and dry and hope we figured it out? That's extremely poor customer service.

    I understand that we are useless to you because we are already married and therefore won't be shopping in The Knot shop, but we are the traffic on this website. We all have friends who could be your future clientele and we could make sure they never step one toe on your site. It's less about who makes you money right this second in customer service, and more about how you treat the people who have potential to make you long term clients and keep your business coming.

    Your overall company has proved to not care about a customer once they are no longer of buying potential and that says a lot about not only your company culture but your company ethics, which probably also points to why there is such horrific turnaround there in knot gods and the IT department has no desire to fix the issues. If that is how you treat the people who make you money, how do you treat the ones who cost you money?

    In the future I suggest you think less about yourselves and more about who you are providing your services to. It will really change the way your company is viewed and will help you to continue to keep longevity. I know you tried this with The Nest, but clearly that didn't work, since we all decided to up and leave all together instead of going over there. Why? Well because your IT and the formatting still sucks and because we have no interest in supporting a customer who is so willing to piss all over their customers.
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